Devilbiss 5 LPM

Devilbiss 5 is a home-stationary easy-to-use, sturdy, reliable and high-quality oxygen concentrator with a wide and strong international presence for its amazing specifications and features. 

In this article, we will walk you through the details of the Devilbiss 5 oxygen concentrator to guide you through its specifications & features that make it a popular choice amongst users across the world.   

Devilbiss 5 is one of the most established oxygen concentrators in the global market. It supplies oxygen up to 5 LPM with 93 + 3% oxygen purity across all flow rates, making it at par with the high concentration industry standards. The concentrator is known to be the perfect balance of cool and quiet with 15% typical sound quality improvement, as claimed by the company. 

Devilbiss 5 can be operated up to an altitude of 13,123 ft, making its compressor one of the most powerful in the available market options. This specification easily allows the concentrator to be used by patients who live in hilly areas or visit the places often, without compromising the oxygen purity at high altitudes. It has the dimensions of 24.40” H X 13.40” W X 12.00” D, making it a compact concentrator, good for home use. 

Another Devilbiss 5 user-friendly specification is that it consumes an average power of 310 watts, making it energy-efficient especially for patients who demand a continuous oxygen supply for longer durations. Adding to its energy efficiency, the concentrator incorporates turn-down technology, which makes the machine consume less power at lesser flow rates. The concentrator can also accommodate a cannula of up to 50-foot, easing the alternate use of this machine and making it highly user-friendly. 

With a convenient design, Devilbiss 5 has readily accessible front labels and patient controls, placed in a slanting direction, making the view easy to read for the user.  It also includes an exclusive DeVilbiss OSD (Oxygen Sensing Device) standard that increases the concentrator’s reliability and accuracy for longer service intervals. A major improvement in Devilbiss 5 is the relocation of filters internally, which has made the machine maintenance-free. 

The alarm system of this oxygen concentrator incorporates both audio and visual system that includes a warm-up period, low oxygen concentration and service required. Devilbiss 5 is an easily serviceable machine with all its parts accessible during maintenance. Keeping the safety of users on priority, the concentrator comes with a circuit breaker that resets the unit automatically, whenever there is an electrical overload. 

This compact oxygen concentrator has US FDA, CE certifications, making it highly reliable and trustworthy for users. 

This US-made oxygen concentrator offers a warranty of three years to its customers in India, with an excellent dealer network, hence giving the concentrator a hassle-free use for a long time.