Device Disconnected Status in Huion Graphic Pen Tablet

Are you a huion graphic pen tablet user?

While you connect the tablet with your system is it showing device disconnected status? It is quite depressing to see such kinds of alerts/pop-ups while setting up for an important task. Don’t worry this problem will be sorted after navigating all the points written here.

What to do while the disconnected status of the tablet

Removing drivers and downloading again

This method is the ultimate solution to fix such kinds of issues that occur in a Best Graphic Tablet India


  • To Uninstall the driver, you just have to access the start menu then move to all programs and do a search for Huion tablet uninstall, tap on that and proceed with uninstall action and confirm it. The driver will be deleted from your system.


  • Now remove the USB cable and check the movement of the cursor, if it is processing then the hardware has got defected.


  • If the hardware is working properly then the problem may be related to the driver will be resolved once you reinstall the driver by following the right way.


  • For the installation of the driver, the method can be different in windows and mac systems so you can follow these things according to the functionality of the system.


  • To install the driver always visit the official website so won’t have to face the same thing again. Also, you will get the certified and verified version of the driver and software.


Alternative USB Cable 

If the above-mentioned trick is not working then the problem arises in the USB cable, you can get a new cable in case the USB is unable to establish the connection or if it gets cracked or not working properly. 


Alternative pc system

Getting a new USB cable is efficient to make the connection between your graphic pen tablet and pc. If after implementing the above two ways of solutions are not working then you should connect the tablet to another system to inspect that the problem is the same for all systems or not. If the tablet is plugged into the system perfectly then the old system may be facing some technical issues that are why it was showing disconnected device status.

A graphic pen tablet is a broken port connectivity issue


Connectivity port error

If after adopting the above things or ways the graphic pen tablet is not responding properly and showing the disconnected device status. Another reason for the disconnected status of the Huion pen tablet  is that the dust is formed inside the port so you should clean it using a brush or soft cotton cloth. If it’s clean but not working then the chances are the port has defected and it should soon take consideration of the service center so that you can return to your work. 

We have mentioned all the expected reasons for connectivity issues in graphic pen tablets. We have tried to help you to come out of this problem and we will always try to make your life easier for you with such technical knowledge and Solutions.