Developing an App like Uber in 2022! -Know the cost, features, and business Model

With 64% of the respondents admitting to booking taxis with an app, it is quite clear that developing an app like Uber brings you better ROI. Before you get started about knowing how to build an Uber-style app u should identify how scaled is Uber? Statistics say that during the end of the last quarter of 2020, the users of Uber reached 93 million. 

Only fair ride prices and better services are not the reason behind such an upsurge in the user figures. What also made an impeccable impression are an app and its features. An app like Uber offers all the desirable features that users want to know before booking a cab.

For example, Uber provides users with access to schedule rides, accept or reject drivers, select the ride and make an online payment. These features make an app like Uber intuitive. Other than passengers, drivers are also another end-user of the Uber app. Uber has two modules of its app; one is for its passenger while the other one is for drivers. Drivers also get similar features and ease in using the app.

They receive a trip alert, Location details, ride estimation, route for the ride, and support. So, if you are wondering to invest in a Taxi app, and looking at how to make a taxi app, you need to include all the features to get started.

Before developing an app like Uber, you must be conscious of the cost, features and business model that sets Uber apart. It will support you create a rideshare app that is rich in features. Read the full column to study how you can create an App like Uber.

What is the Uber app? – Getting to know more about Uber! 

Uber is a taxi booking application that helps users to book a cab online and reach a destination without having to wait for cabs! The primary objective of an app like Uber is to help users book a ride from the comfort of their couch. It also provides an expansive range of ride choices at a reasonable price. Users can select top-notch cars to travel in comfort.

When you are looking for Uber-like app development, you should know why an app like Uber has captivated the market? Uber works out for users for three reasons: 

  • It offers a seamless user interface 
  • Comes with a great marketing strategy 
  • Lesser error reports 

Two out of three reasons make Uber dominate in the market and defeat competition. With lesser error reports, Uber has gained trust amongst the users, and with smooth UI, it has received a huge response from the users.

Working of Uber app-processes that make Uber smooth to use

 build an app like Uber

When you are working to create an application that is similar to Uber, you must know the processes or work of Uber. Uber works in five steps to offer service to its end users. Let’s know about these steps in detail.

Step-1-Making a ride request

The user’s journey in Uber starts requesting a ride or scheduling it through the app. The request then goes to the nearby drivers to complete the process.


The drivers upon getting a ride request get a preference to accept or reject the request. On rejection, the request then goes to the next nearby driver.


When the driver accepts the ride, the user gets a detail about the ride and driver. Users then ride to their location set.


The price in the app gets estimated to make the ride even smoother. Users can pay online with payment integration in the app.


In the last step, the consumers rate the driver and the service that helps the developers enhance their service in future.

How to develop an Uber-like app? – Key steps involved

Research and evaluation

Before getting started with the app, you should conduct in-depth research about the market and consumer mindset. Having a business already would be helpful, but investment in an Uber-like app would still be new for you! So, development starts with research and evaluation.

App documentation

After research, it is time for you to document your app. You have to document its use, and its features that will help users know. Documentation will include all relevant information about your app. App documentation will also include analyzing platforms like iOS, and Android, and documenting both the modules separately. Documentation will inform information such as how to download the Uber taxi app?

Creating an app

At this stage, you have to create the app as per your demand. You can choose a ready-made solution with minimal changes on it, or you can develop an app from scratch. Picking a readymade solution has cost as biggest advantage, but may not be best solution if one is looking to build serious scalable business out of it. For serious players, one must think of developing technology that they can own and doing it from scratch.

Launching the app

After the completion of development, the app then undergoes several tests to monitor the performance and features. The app first gets tested for bugs and the developer debugs any flaws found. Then it gets tested on several platforms and devices to ensure smooth performance.

Creating a taxi app like Uber- Features and functions to include

When you are creating an app like Uber, you should always identify two integral components of Uber. A full-fledged taxi booking app comes with two modules; it includes user app and driver app. Both these apps get interconnected with the admin panel for smooth operation. Find the features and functions of both app types.

Passenger app features and functions

  • Cab booking- It is a feature that enables users to book a taxi. Consumers enter a location for pick up and drop off with a car of their choice. 
  • Registration- This is a Vital part of the app that helps users to register themselves for tracking and safety. Users can use different registration approaches like social media sign-in, email sign in, and phone number sign-in. 
  • Cost estimator- It is a feature that helps users have an idea about the estimated price for their ride. It is a monotonous feature for all back-end developers. 
  • Cab and driver tracking- This is an essential feature that let the end-user know about the movement of the cab. 
  • Payments- Apart from cash payment, users with payment features can pay online with mobile wallets and UPI. 
  • Drive rating- This feature allows users to rate the drivers based on their driving skills and behaviour 
  • Customer support- This is an integral feature of an Uber-like app where users can contact the support team for any assistance. 

Driver app features 

  • Driver profile and status- It is a feature to verify the driver and authenticate them with proper documents. 
  • Push Notification- This is a feature that enables drivers to get notified about the booking alerts. 
  • Route optimization- It offers the best Route for drivers with less traffic 
  • Driver Delivery report- These features allow drivers to get insights about every day and monthly earnings. 

Cost to make an app like Uber

Several factors decide the cost to build an Uber app. The platform you choose, the language and the framework, also plays a decisive role in creating the final cost. Depending on the features, Uber app development cost ranges from $40,000 to $200,000. Want to build an app like Uber? JumpGrowth helps you create the most intuitive app at the best price in the industry.

Pros of Uber-like app

  • Better audience reach 
  • Easy tracking of users and drivers 
  • Automating taxi services 
  • Better return on investments 

Cons of Uber-like app

  • Variable rates in fair 
  • Increasing driver rejections 


On the final note, these are everything you must know before developing an app like Uber. An app like Uber doesn’t necessarily have to be a clone with minimal changes. You can revolutionize the cab booking app by creating an app from scratch. Make full use of technology and automate your taxi service with an incredible Uber-like app.