Determine Your Living Room Layout

A living room is the central space of every house. It is a place to have conversations, watch TV, read books and entertain friends. Sometimes it also turns into a dining room or home office. That’s why determining a layout for your living room is so difficult. You have to think about so many things while decorating it with necessary items. Budget, lifestyle, personal aesthetic and accessories are major considering factors.

However, the right way to decide the layout is to start with the floor plan. Determine the arrangements for tables, sofas, chairs and storage cabinets. It also depends on your tile selection for the room. Whether you are planning to buy Moroccan Wall Tiles in UK or considering plain ones with a simple shade.

Decide the Layout by Yourself

We have organized a smart guide for you that can help you decide the suitable layout. This will help you decorate the room and determine what type of accessories you should employ.

Step 1: Select the Focal Point

Selecting a focal point can help you with space planning. Pick a point such as artwork, chandelier, fireplace or TV. After deciding, you can put the furniture around it at a suitable distance.

For example, semi-circular furniture is best for a fireplace as the conversation is the major intention for such a living room. The ideal seat distance is 8 feet for easy interaction. Furniture in a living room with TV must have 12 feet distance with a maximum angle of 30 degrees.

Step 2: Arranging Tables

The central focal point needs more attention when your living room doesn’t have a TV or hearth. The best way to decorate such a room is by setting an ottoman or coffee table. Place chairs and float a sofa around it at a distance of a minimum of 18 inches.

You can display family photographs, books, souvenirs and accessories on empty walls. Pick open cabinets to showcase souvenirs and accessories in a different way. Bar carts and bar cabinets can add a touch of glamour to your living room.

Step 3: Setting table and Floor Lamps

Lamps are the most suitable option to replace the side tables. You can also pick table lamps for decorative purposes. These are self-explanatory and you can set them around the chandelier. You can also make sculptures and artworks prominent by using spotlighting.

Step 4: Center the Rug

The last but the easiest element is the rug which should be placed in the middle. Center the rug with the main sitting arrangement and anchor the room by extending it a few inches. Add a thicker rug in case your room is already carpeted. This will create a warm soothing effect to the overall image of your room.

Living Room Layout with Windows

In case your living room has windows, you can use the space with a different angle. Try to concentrate in the room center and make windows the focal point. Pick an L-shaped sofa and pair it with an over sized ottoman or coffee table. Choose the table which is tow-third or half in length of the couch.

Add visual height by getting a tall lamp on a side table. This will accentuate the window by drawing the eyes towards it. You can also have extra chairs or a movable ottoman on the other side of the table.