Detecting Warning Signs of Possible Identity Theft

There seems to be a huge demand for personal information on particularly the dark web that could be utilized for committing identity theft and some other cybercrimes. Personal information is a hot favorite of criminal outfits who specialize in identity theft and they would go to extremes for obtaining your personal information like your bank account credentials, social security number, date of birth, and credit card numbers etc.

Identity theft is regarded as an incredibly fast-growing crime and it impacts millions of people in the United States every year. It is of prime importance to have the right awareness and education to safeguard your personal information and avoid becoming an identity theft victim. The major issue with identity theft seems to be the fact that it is not apparent initially and often it is too late when you detect a breach of privacy. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep monitoring your credit report and be alert about identifying identity theft red flags or warning signals.

As per, fraudsters are used to stealing identities from everywhere that provides free public access to Wi-Fi such as airports, cafes, hotels, and libraries.

In the case, you seem to be an ID theft victim, you would end up losing thousands of dollars and you would be spending hundreds of hours in an attempt to resolve the crisis. Experts believe that early detection of any ID theft case could remarkably help in minimizing the damage caused by fraud. Here are some warning signs indicating your identity might have been stolen.

Discrepancies in Your Bank Statement or Your Checks Are Bouncing

The presence of even a slight discrepancy on the summary of your bank account could prove to be a red flag or warning sign that a financial identity theft has taken place. You need to keep checking your accounts online regularly. Whenever you notice any suspicious charges or unfamiliar withdrawals, get in touch with your bank at once. If you come to know that somebody has unauthorized access specifically to your account, it is best to immediately close that account and consider opening a new account instead with a fresh new account number. You must consider working with your bank for resolving all the fraudulent transactions. It is always a good idea to seek professional assistance from an identity protection services. You must browse Identity Guard review before hiring their services.

Unauthorized or Unfamiliar Activity on Credit Report or Credit Card

If you come across a somewhat strange or unfamiliar charge on your specific credit card bill, you need to inform the bank authorities. When you are closely monitoring your bank account, you notice a charge which you haven’t made. Even the slightest discrepancy could be an indication of fraud. Often criminals just resort to test charging to ensure success of a transaction.

Your Credit Score Seems to Go Up

An increase in credit score even when you have taken no proactive steps could indicate a fraudulent activity. He may be attempting to extend credit before ultimately he runs through it.

Your Credit Score Seems To Go Down

In the case, your credit score has suddenly gone down and you have no appropriate reason for that you could be an identity theft victim. Moreover, any suspicious activity present on a specific credit card statement of yours could be a warning sign for some fraudulent activity.


It is quite overwhelming to clean up the mess left behind by an identity thief. It is best to keep in mind some of the above-discussed warning signs. You may inform the bank authorities at once if you see any discrepancies anywhere.