Detailed Insight of Paired T-Test and Online Calculator

The statistic is a vast domain offering numerous methods and formulas to solve our day to day mathematical problems. It offers a meaningful and convenient form of raw data. With the help of statistics, you can make your data concise, expressive, precise and meaningful. In simple words, the statistic is a branch that refers to collection, interpretation, analysis, and representation.

On talking about the importance of statistics, if you are looking for paired t test calculator online then we are here to help. Below we are sharing a detailed view on paired t-test and online free calculator that can help in easy calculations:

What is a Paired sample t-test?

A paired sample t-test uses for comparing two means that have the same objects, individuals or related values at different times. The paired sample t-test can be conducted under situations like:

Measurements taken of two similar samples at different times (for example pre-test and post-test of a sample between the two-time points)

The observation took of two similar samples under two different conditions (for example observation has taken under a controlled condition and experimental conditions)

The paired sample t-test is also called as dependent or repeated measure t-test. The paired sample t-test can only be implemented on the means of two related units (dependent) with a continuous outcome. The formula can’t be implemented on unpaired data or between more than two samples.

The formula for Paired Samples t-test:

To compare the means of the two paired sets of data, the differences between all the sets of pairs must be calculated.

T-test statistic value can be calculated as follow:

T-test statistic


m and s are the mean and the standard deviation of the difference (d), respectively. n is the size of d.

Where you can perform a paired t-test?

SPSS and Excel are some of the conventional methods for performing the most statistical test. However, these platforms are quite time consuming and required you to be skilled in the subject. Thanks to a few free online paired t-test calculators that offers an easy solution to your statistical problems.

Statistics Journal is one of the best free online paired t-test calculators that can offer smooth calculation experience without the need for installation.