Detailed guide to counselling and how much does it cost in Singapore

Counselling is a mental provision or assistance from professionals in pacifying personal or psychological issues surrounding your life. This guidance and assistance date back to the 1960s.

Just as many other developing countries, Singapore too acquired this therapeutic art. The group of doctors, pastors and missionaries incorporated professional level counselling services in Singapore, four years after its advent in 1964.

With the ceaseless fast-paced life, people in Singapore generally prefer intermittent counselling sessions to keep at peace from every day’s humdrum. People in Singapore go through this oral treatment to settle the huge assortment of issues they are battling with.

Counselling services in Singapore can be availed through various trusted outlets. Incontact’s counselling is one counselling of the counsellor of the centre that helps you book an appointment and apply for all types of counselling.

This article gives a clear glimpse of how to approach a counsellor and the associated costs after each session. Finding someone whom you can talk to with no hesitation or fear of information revelation is indeed a mollifying way to sort things at the optimal level.

Counselling services in Singapore have emerged as a big wave as people are finding it 100% reliable when in the phase of emotional distress.

Cost of Counselling Services in Singapore

A counsellor must plunge into the process to suggest remedial measures to the issues.

Counselling services in Singapore are offered as per a 10 sessions package or a single session in one go. The estimated price set by the counselling centre is listed below:

  • $160- $170 for every 1-hour session
  • Rates go down at $136 per counseling session in case you want to choose a whole 10-session package.
  • Additional charges may apply if extra services are rendered by the counsellor.

The counselling services in Singapore offer guidance and counselling services in all genres of issues. From couple counselling to providing guidance in parental counselling to the prospective candidates, everything is covered in the sessions. The counsellors also conduct e-counselling sessions for his or her clients for easier perusal and conclusiveness. While you opt for the counselling services in Singapore, keep in mind the following things to compare an ideal price.

  1. Enquire about the cost of treatment that the counsellor is imposing. You can also ask about the subsidies provided by the counselling center.
  2. Perks offered by private and government organisations. 
  3. Make a note of the organisations who are affiliated to a religious space and examine them in contrast to your personal problems.

A Comprehensive Guide of Choosing the Perfect Counselling Services in Singapore

The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the reliability criteria of the counsellor that you have selected to approach. Additionally, there are a few more points that you must compulsorily abide by before approaching the expert. Mentioned below is a lucid guide to choosing the best counselling services in Singapore.

1. Legitimate license of carrying out the counselling services

The acceptable and flagship degree that a counsellor must go for at a minimum level is a postgraduate diploma in Psychology. In Singapore, the prospective councillor candidate must have 600 postgraduate hours of clinical service.

Thereafter, the counsellor must also be a Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC) Registered Counsellor. This will prove to be propitious in your future reference to the counsellor you are visiting for counselling. Simultaneously it will also ascertain a reliable therapeutic relationship of yours with the counsellor.

2. Confidentiality and permission are the two requisites

The therapist must keep your information secret and not disclose and maintain the privacy of professional ethics. The counsellor must figure things out for you and not overpower your thoughts during the sessions.

Apart from the confidentiality criteria, the counsellor must also grant both permission and protection to his clients. The permission to express freely and feel relaxed during sessions. The protection to the clients from all sorts of ramifications that the client might experience while expressing the inert issues.

3. Adhering to the principles and ethics

Does your counsellor abide by the set framework and do not distort the fabric of confidentiality? This is the most prudent step you need to check and clarify before approaching the counselling services. You also need to keep in mind the track record of your counsellor.

Seek reviews, suggestions and feedback from people who are or were in contact with the counsellor. Ask about their experiences during the whole consultation process. This will help you get an unmixed view.

The Bottom Line

The counselling services must earmark some amount of comfort and alleviate the issues that you are juggling. For easier accessibility, you can avail of online counselling services in Singapore which are trusted, private and much more accommodating.

Initially, the service and exposure can be a bit intimidating to you, however, once you get accustomed to the dual relationship of counselling, you will thrive intrinsically.