Detailed Guide on NCERT Books and Solutions

For the students who are studying under the central board of secondary education (CBSE), it is essential to follow the NCERT books and solutions. NCERT books solutions are available for classes 1 to 12 online in pdf format. Its easy access is very helpful for the students to get higher grades in their exams.

The NCERT solution has been written to help the students of every class in learning the curriculum prescribed by the central board. For class 12 students, it is more important to read thoroughly so that they may not only get higher grades but also be able to crack other tests like JEE.

A student can find these solutions book-wise or even chapter-wise to have a strong grip on the syllabus with ease. They can download book solutions according to their need in pdf.


The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is an organization managed by the Government of India which is established in 1961. It’s headquarter is situated in New Delhi. 

The basic motto of creating this organization is to promote a single curriculum system for the whole country. It may help to promote and encourage multiple cultural practices all over the country as one unit. For this, NCERT has been formed with the merger of seven different government organizations.

With the formation of this institute, it has become easy for students from different parts of the country to compete on a single curriculum. It has decreased the discrimination between the students on state level. And has provided them with equal opportunities in every field of life.

What are NCERT books and solutions?

Since NCERT has encouraged a single curriculum, there are NCERT books and solutions available online in pdf format written and assembled by teachers from every state. 

It is an amazing act that enables the students to study the solutions written by their teacher and feel insecure about other books. In this way, they can relate to the tone picked by the solution writer easily and can learn the solutions with less effort.

For students who are studying in class 12, it has become more important to gain the best grades as after this they have to crack different competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, etc. So class 12 is like a future decider for every student. That is why a class 12 student must have a strong command of the NCERT syllabus at any cost. The NCERT books and solutions help them to be strong enough and get through this psychologically tough exam with much ease having excellent grades.

Class 10th plays a major role in the selection of higher secondary education. So one cannot ignore the importance of the 10th class. The chapter-wise solutions available for NCERT books are a blessing for the students of class 10th who are struggling to learn Science, Math, English, Social Sciences, and other books thoroughly. 

From the solutions, a student can learn the course in a very understandable tone and can be able to get higher grades so that he or she can choose the desired field in higher secondary education.


The NCERT books and solutions have made the lives of hundreds and thousands of students easy. Now anyone can find the best solutions chapter-wise online in pdf format and can read them on their tab, mobile, laptop, or PC.

You can easily download these books and other easy guides according to your class or level of study. It will enable you to get extensive knowledge of the subject in which you are trying to be successful.

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