From February 7, every Monday and Tuesday, from 23:30, immediately after “The Ambassador’s Daughter”, the fans of the Turkish series will be able to watch on Despre Seriale a new successful production “Ramo”. Our team is sharing all episodes of Ramo on our website Please watch all episodes and entertain yourself as much as you want.

Cine sunt actorii din “Ramo”

Viewers will recognize in the middle of the action, in the main role, Murat Yildirim, one of the most talented and appreciated actors in Turkey, whom they watched in “ASI – against destiny” and in “Love and Hate”, both productions broadcast by Despre Seriale.

The series tells the reality-inspired story of Ramo, a man who rebels against a suffocating, unjust system. The production radiographs of family conflicts, friendships, love and the need for justice. Everything is happening in a small town in southern Turkey, dominated by poverty and corruption.

Watch Now Ramo Seriale Turcesti Subtitrat in Romana

Ramo is the leader of a criminal group, with its own rules and specialized in stealing gasoline, acting for a strong family of the community, which controls the whole area.

In all this climate of injustice, he awakens spiritually just, understanding the evil that is spreading to the whole community in which he lives. Revolt is the consequence of love for loved ones, in Ramo’s case. Ramo’s deepest wound is the trigger for his desire to fight with everyone.

His war will not only be against his enemies, but also against the family he works for, his friends. Moreover, it will be a struggle with himself.

In all this tumult of feelings and events, his greatest test will be love, because the only woman he will love is Sibel (Esra Bilgic), the daughter of the one against whom he rises to fight.

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