Desktop App vs Web App: Comparative Guide

With plenty of software solutions available nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to make the right choice. What is the best option: desktop or web app? How to find a reliable ios web development company among all the suggestions on the market? 

This article will provide you with a comparison of software vs web development. It will describe the main peculiarities of each option and help you pick the best solution for your case. 

Main Difference Between Web And Desktop Applications

So, shortly, desktop apps are the ones you need to install on your computers. They can work without an internet connection and take up some space on your hard drive. On the other side, web applications are the ones that don’t require installation as they are used through the Internet. They are located on remote servers and let users access them on various devices. 

Pros And Cons Of Web Apps

As web apps are accessed by users via browsers, they have plenty of advantages:

  • First and foremost, they don’t take up space as users don’t need to install them on PC;
  • Secondly, such apps are usually mobile-friendly, and it means that users can access them via various platforms. It’s a great feature as you can use them on the go in case your device is connected to the Internet;
  • There’s no need to search for updates as web apps are updated automatically. It saves time and provides users with the latest versions without bugs;
  • Moreover, such apps have almost no technical limitations. Hence, even those who don’t have very powerful PCs can still use them.

Still, even with all these pluses, there are some drawbacks that should be pointed out:

  • The main disadvantage is that users always need a stable internet connection in order to access such apps;
  • Also, web apps can work slower due to various factors. For instance, too many clients using it at the same time;
  • Plus, the majority of such applications require regular payments. Clients need to pay monthly or yearly fees. It lets them unlock premium features that aren’t available for free users;
  • The security of data in such applications raises doubts. Users need to ensure that providers take measures to prevent data leakage and breaches

Pros And Cons Of Desktop Apps

Desktop applications also have both pros and cons. The main advantages of such apps are:

  • they can be accessed offline as users install them on their devices. It helps use them even when you are far from civilization and have no Internet connection;
  • desktop apps provide more security, and there’s less chance that your data will be stolen;
  • even though they can be a bit more expensive, they don’t require regular fees. Users just pay once when purchasing an app;
  • they usually work faster as they don’t depend on the internet connection

However,  the cons can also be considerable:

  • the worst thing is that there’s no cross-platform availability. This feature is popular nowadays as we prefer to work on the go. Thus, you need to have an app on all the devices you work on;
  • such apps usually have technical limitations, and if your laptop isn’t powerful enough, they may not work at all;
  • they also take lots of space as you need to install the apps and all the additional components;
  • plus, in most cases, users need to update desktop apps manually


All in all, it’s challenging to pick between desktop and web applications as both have pros and cons. Users need to pay attention to details before selecting one of the options. Check what the main points are:

  • Do you want to have access to the data even without the Internet connection?
  • Is the safety and security of your data the priority?
  • How modern and powerful your device is?
  • Do you want to pay regularly or prefer a one-time payment even if it’s a bit more expensive?
  • Are you ready to regularly check the updates to avoid bugs and issues?
  • Do you need cross-platform features, or do you prefer to work on one device?

These questions will help you make the right choice in accordance with your needs. Still, there are plenty of good services that offer consultations at affordable prices. They can help you evaluate your case and pick the best software that will satisfy your needs. 


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