Designing Your Modular Kitchen? What’s New!

Redesigning the kitchen area can be quite a tedious task but not with the latest trends introduced in the kitchenware industry. The rise in demand for modular kitchens has only made it easier for homeowners to make use of the modern functional aspects of modular kitchen designs.

Currently, there has been a rise in sales of the latest modular kitchen designs by nearly 50%, and it is expected that the sale will rise by almost ten times in the upcoming 3-4 years. The rise can be directly attributed to the convenience and efficacy these designs bring to the table.

So, how unique these designs are?

How the modular designs stand out

Over the decade, kitchen designs have changed remarkably. From the time, when kitchens were the last thing to be considered, to the times now when they are the centrepiece of every house, they have come a long way.

Here is a list of few new trends offered by some of the best modular kitchen manufacturers.

Un-kitchen the kitchen area

Opt-out of the enclosed area or room for a kitchen. The kitchen space is more open now and provides a modern, clean line to the overall kitchen area. Go for simplicity that does not interfere with the other areas of the house, yet maintains its identity. 

Add black to bring back the class

Though white and wooden colours have been making the modular kitchen designs look old school, the introduction of dark colours like black, emerald green, plum is taking it a next level space-enhancing kitchen design.

Incorporate technology

It is the era of smart kitchens and technology has been embedded in almost every aspect. Starting from faucets to lighting, the kitchen is equivalent to an everyday gadget. Controlling has also become more comfortable with the help of a smartphone and even the watch.

Quartz for an extra edge

Quartz is still prevalent and makes up for an extremely classy look for the kitchen interior. Besides being a hardy material, the outlook it adds to the entire kitchen is undeniably high-end. Also, it has got health benefits as it is anti-microbial as well.

Go for kitchen islands

Kitchen islands are not multipurpose and are not limited to a specific purpose. They are the centre of attraction and act as a focal point at the end of a tiring day. Not only does it reduce unnecessary space occupancy, but also enhance the overall look of the kitchen by making a statement.

The modular kitchen designs in Mumbai are growing in demand and becoming popular as well as an affordable option for the homeowners. Due to the convenience and the cost-effective nature of these designs, it has been easier for working professionals to keep a quick check on the smart kitchen as well.

To create an ultimate smart kitchen, the modular designs have greatly enhanced the functioning and also provided an aesthetic look to the kitchen.