Designing A Home Office That Works For You

Designing a home office that works for all your needs can be an extensive but exciting process. Let Four Hands Furniture help guide you on this journey. They not only offer beautiful, quality furniture in many styles, they also offer design examples for those looking for direction. Turn to their website and dealers for your inspiration in designing a beautiful and functional space. 

A home office provides a very specific purpose and requires thought and design for peak functionality. Once you have designated an area in your residence to use, assess how much space you have to work with. A home office doesn’t require its own room; it can function within another space of your home. Some may choose a corner in their living room or a wall in their bedroom to be used to execute a home office. Others may have the option of an entire room. While location is flexible, organization is key. Does the set up work within the rest of your space while allowing the most functional and appealing work space?  

A comfortable, ergonomic desk chair and desk are possibly the most important features. But this doesn’t mean they have to be lacking in style. Wheeled, hydraulic office chairs are available in on trend styles like caned and mid century modern inspired. Desks can offer storage within them or you may choose to invest in further shelving and drawers. Filing cabinets no longer have to resemble boring metal cabinets of past. Don’t shy away from using vertical space. If you have a small area to use for an office, full wall shelving provides much storage space while packing major style punch. Seek out designs that fit your aesthetic, be it marble top, rich wood tones, or glass and metal.  

Sunlight and lighting play major roles in an office space. The light needs to be bright an inviting, but not distracting. Pay attention to the location of screens to avoid glare from windows. Sufficient lighting is necessary to reduce eye strain. Overhead lighting may not be as useful as separate lamps and desk lighting. Consider what time of day you will most commonly use your office space in deciding which lighting type works for you.  

Above all, design a space specifically for you. Focus on your style and needs to make it a space you want to spend time in and a space that inspires you. Bringing in design elements from the other curated spaces of your home will make you feel connected and drawn into your work space. Designing a home office that works for you is a finely tuned task that varies for every home but allows an opportunity to create a space that represents who you are.