Design Tips for Personalizing Your Corporate Awards

You know that giving prizes to deserving workers may improve morale. Keeping an annual internal appreciation program fresh and exciting might be challenging. Last but not least, think of innovative trophy designs and other forms of employee reward.

When designing awards, it’s easy to fall into the trap of recycling last year’s design. This, however, has its dangers. Lack of anticipation among prospective winners may progressively degrade the perceived value of a program, and failing to ‘grand unveil’ the winners’ trophies at the moment of the presentation can be disheartening and reduce the effect of the production.

Maintaining corporate awards as a driving force in your program requires a yearly redesign. The designers know what they’re doing. This guide will give you some ideas for personalising your awards.

Employees Are More Appreciative of Custom Awards

Consider your reaction to receiving a trophy with your name and message that speaks to you personally. This could be a saying or joke you share with coworkers. Compare this to receiving an award with the company logo or generic text like “employee of the month or thank you for X years of service.” You would appreciate the personalised prize more than the latter choice.

Customization Gives a Prize More Significance

Want to make sure the employee appreciation Corporate awards you give out have a lot of meaning? EDCO can create a unique prize for you! Instead of finding something online that would work and crossing it off your to-do list, giving an employee a personalised award demonstrates that you’ve taken the time and effort to recognise them.

Customization Makes Employees Feel Valued as People

Personalised awards give workers the impression that the business recognises them as people in addition to their job and sees them for who they are. You want to be respected both personally and professionally, right? Employee loyalty may increase, and they may be less inclined to seek work elsewhere.

Trophies That Have Potential

This design for English Athletics depicts an athlete crossing the finish line, almost jumping out at the receiver, and wanting to be recognised. It seeks to appeal to the recipient’s pride and accomplishment. It is made of aluminium and nickel-plated, and ornamental details have been printed.

Identify Your Superheroes

Creating a trophy by a skilled craftsman is one way to meet the goals of publicly recognising victors and recognising them as heroes inside an organisation. The use of digital printing allowed for the creation of this fabulously bejewelled crown featured on this appreciation award for workers of Frazer John Recruitment. The victors had no doubts about the high respect in which the firm held them since the corporation made it clear to them.

Make People Wonder

A trophy that fascinates its recipients and leaves them wondering how they managed to win it. It may heighten the recipients’ sense of self-worth and call attention to their significance. This concept incorporates two layers of artwork, each suspended in solid glass and set on a stylish, brushed aluminium and black-printed plinth. The visuals seem to ‘float ‘within the award.

Inspire Innovation

AB Sugar is a multinational company with over 32,000 people working for it. Its Focus Awards recognise those who have gone above and above, and the medals given out as part of its employee recognition program should reflect this. EFX effectively used inventive and technically sophisticated manufacturing methods, which echoed the high-standing and essential nature of the design. The intricate design combines a multi-layered approach with aspects of high value, like brushed gold and detailed printing. The overall effect is imposing.

Trophies That Say ‘We Love You’

A heart is one of the design devices most easily comprehended by people worldwide. It is a design feature that conveys much information when used on winners’ medals for an internal reward program at a firm. For example, a prominent grocery store chain commissioned the production of this specific heart, which was then digitally printed after being exquisitely fashioned from a single piece of solid aluminium.

Bottom Line

If you feel the pressure to guarantee that your employee recognition program will function better than the previous year, you should look at your trophy’s design. Also, feel free to get in contact if you’re looking for some original fresh concepts.