Depression 101 – Out with the Old Habits!

Have you ever been over it all noticing yourself falling into a depression? Negative thoughts linger in your mind constantly eating away at you. I’ve been there, it’s the unhealthiest state of being. It’s time to put complete focus on you and your mental health. Depression is very serious and often misunderstood, also rarely noticed. One day you are content then you are back to your lowest. A roller coaster ride of different emotions that seems never-ending but the only catch is you’re on the ride alone. It’s time to get up, take on the day, and find love within yourself, being excited for a purpose in life.

Let’s start by talking about some bad habits to get rid of that are common during this stage.

  1. Overthinking, dwelling on the past and reanalyzing situations repeatedly in your head is one of the worst things to do. It will not change anything, only more stress will be added to your life, don’t relive your hurt or past. LET IT GO
  2. Self Criticizing, It’s never you. Don’t let actions out of your control affect the way you see yourself. When you’re depressed it’s easy to play the blame game. Flaws start to stand out and become more apparent within yourself. Let me be the one to tell you, everything is just the way it’s supposed to be. Find a love so strong for yourself that that will be all you need. The feeling of not needing validation personally is a pure way to happiness.
  3. Lack of Motivation, when in distress we often get distracted from the things we love, falling out of touch with activities that we normally do on the daily. It seems when everything is going downhill the best thing to do is live in a sad space and do nothing. Please don’t, it adds fuel to the fire.

Here are some tips to help get back on track

  • Self Care, the most important of them all. Take care of your body, eat healthy foods as they are heavy in nutrients that give you energy which is extremely low during a stage of depression. Take care of your personal hygiene, this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how people can fall into bad habits when in the wrong state of mind.
  • Change your thinking pattern, every time you find yourself thinking negatively. Stop! One time becomes a habit. Replace it with a positive thought, even if it’s not how you feel at the moment. I don’t care how hard, find one!
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs, it’s the easy way out I know. Why not leave reality for a while to put emotions on the backend. Alcohol is a depressant which makes it harder for you to recover. Drugs are not the way to cope because when you feel sober again the depression will be 10x worse.
  • Exercise, why would you want to exercise if you don’t feel up to par, I know it sounds like it makes no sense but even 1 hour a week can prevent and treat depression. Get your blood flowing, and increase your heart rate. Exercising promotes a clear mind, after you’re done it’s the best feeling!
  • Take breaks from your phone and social media, put the phone down & stay off social media. Live in your own mind space, what is suppose to be 10 minutes doing 1 task can turn in 2 hours quickly.. trust me I know. Was something productive being done? Not at all! Limit your time to socials its a home to too many altering energies.
  • Talk to someone, confide in the ones you love. Get things off your chest, its healthy to break down and let out your emotions. When you keep your problems to yourself they build. Let out the things you have been through in life. Write it down, face your challenges, accept your struggles and believe that you will move on from them. It’s easy to go through the storm by yourself, that’s what I used to do but an encouraging word is never hard to hear.

Cast out the shadows of darkness. Will it be an overnight journey? No. Will you have good days and bad days? Yes. To achieve this, you could try using cognitive therapy and nutrients in an integrated depression treatment like at the Liberation Protocol that’s natural and also self-directed. 

Allow peace to rule in your life, take a breath and aim for a new start. Life is precious, you are precious. you are valuable, you deserve the world. Find happiness and let your depression be a thing of the past. Be a voice to others who are going through a phase and motivate them to get out of it.