Dependable Fashion Mainstays Fit for any Occasion

There are dependable fashion mainstays that are timeless and fit for any occasion. Basic fashion items are used to anchor a wardrobe. What are some of those core pieces? When they’re interspersed with what’s already in your clothes closet, basic items can make all the difference in presenting a finishing touch.

Basic Pieces

The fashion mainstays that follow are pieces that will coordinate with anyone’s wardrobe. They’re easily integrated into any style and act as irreplaceable items that never go out of style and work with most any outfit. Putting together different outfits is easy and effortless, no matter the season. Here are a few of those clothing and accessory items that will work with coordinating any outfit.


Skinny/Straight-leg Dark Wash Jeans – Dark wash jeans never go out of style and can easily be dressed up or down. They’ll be your ever close companion, but they need to fit well for a fashionable look. It’s another versatile investment piece that shouldn’t be overlooked whether for business or pleasure.

Black Leggings and Black Pants – A good pair of black leggings and slim legged dress pants will be major parts of your wardrobe. Whether leggings or dress pants, find structured fabrics that offer support and stretch in an enhancing way. Pair leggings with athletic shoes or even ankle boots and those black pants whether trousers or straight legged are just one other piece that totally encompasses your wardrobe.


White t- shirt – A t-shirt in white pairs nicely with jeans, other pants and can be used for layering under a jacket, sleeveless dress or camisole style top. It’s one of the most important fashion mainstays for any wardrobe.

Button-up shirt – White is preferable but both prints and colors will do for wearing with jeans, a pencil skirt or a blazer. Going from casual to more sophisticated is the point and the look with a shirt all depends on whether work or play is involved.


Jean Jacket – Jean jackets have been around for a while and they are just one more layering piece that can be incorporated in a wardrobe. Medium wash is a versatile selection though dark wash is good as well. Make sure it fits through the shoulders but leave enough room for layering with sweaters for autumn, plus use the jacket to add a finishing touch to sleeveless dresses during the summer months.

Trench Coat – Another classic piece that’s needed for those rainy days and cooler weather that will enhance an outfit and keep you high, dry and warm. It makes for a good look for work related clothing and it is great with knit tops and jeans for a weekend in the city or country.


Wrap Dresses Short or Mid length – Wrap dresses whether above the knee or midis have stood the test of time and looks great on just about everyone. They can be paired with heels for a dress up affair or work or dressed down with sneakers for a casual look. Midi wrap dresses can be worn over jeans for warmth or layer them with blazers or knits. They can even be worn open with a t-shirt, jeans or black pants underneath.

Little Black Dress – A little black dress is a fashion mainstay in anyone’s closet. Just pick one that has a more discreet neckline and a bit longer length. Versatility is the key from the office to nightlife.


Black heels – Black heels complement just about any outfit whether in leather or fabric. They are worn for an ultimate quick change from every day to dressy.

Ankle boot – The ankle boot has become another staple in fashion and it’s easy to slip into for a quick change rather than the taller boot variety. More open toe looks are agreeable in summer and a closed-toe effect works well in the fall and winter. Try a heel in the midrange with more of a block heel for comfort. Wear an ankle boot with a midi dress or with black leggings and jeans. Try a black choice but consider a bronze metallic, red or even an animal print for fun. Whatever the choice, any outfit plain or otherwise is enhanced with an ankle boot.

Flat shoes – A flat shoe that can be worn anywhere, whether it be a loafer, mule or ballet flat. It’s a mainstay in today’s world. Choose a metallic, black, nude or neutral shade to blend with any outfit. Not only look for comfort but versatility in styles that coordinate with a wardrobe.

Fashion Jewelry

Finishing accessory touches come as jewelry pieces. Whether small or large gold hoop or safety pin earrings, bold, colorful stone embellished tennis bracelets, thin or chunky chain length necklaces, charm necklaces, pearl initial necklaces or square signet rings there’s not one that isn’t easily incorporated as a mainstay in a wardrobe. Some examples of timeless jewelry are simple gold or silver patterned rings, necklaces, and earrings. These can be budget-friendly if you need something pretty without breaking the bank, but can also work well with diamonds since the clear color goes well with almost any outfit.

Whatever style coordinates with what is current for you and connects with your lifestyle is what to look for in fashion mainstays. Choose any one of these dependable fashion choices to incorporate in your wardrobe. Have fun with fashion mainstays and be classy and a bit wild and fun at the same time.