Dental Professions: Making the Right Choice

A modern dentist is infinitely far from the old “dental doctor”, who provided a modest range of services, mainly for tooth extraction. Dentistry today is the science of how to look at 100! After all, no one will deny the importance of beautiful healthy teeth for a person’s image.

Like any other profession, in which the level of science has advanced far, dental business has branched out into a number of specializations that are closely intertwined. A young man who dreams about the profession of a dentist has a wide selection of options for fulfilling his dreams. So, what are the directions in modern dentistry?



He is engaged in the initial examination of the patient’s oral cavity, diagnoses its condition, directs him to an x-ray and then prescribes further treatment.

The most common dental diseases – caries and its complications, pulpitis, periodontitis and others are treated in the therapist’s office successfully and painlessly with the help of modern filling and anesthetizing materials and tools.

Dental disease prevention is also a specialization of the dentist. A visit to the doctor once a year allows you to notice the first signs of incipient caries and can save you from serious problems in an advanced case. The therapist also carries out preventive measures in the form of removal of plaque and stone.

In addition to treatment, dental office Los Angeles can perform artistic restoration of teeth – whitening, restoration or change of tooth shape.


Orthopedic dentist

An orthopedic dentist is also called a dentist, as he specializes in prosthetics for the teeth of a patient already treated by a dentist. The main task of the orthopedic surgeon is to restore a broken chewing function to a person. Today it is the most demanded dental service. If it is impossible to restore teeth with therapeutic methods, orthopedic products are used. There are several methods of prosthetics: removable, fixed, conditionally removable. Fixed prostheses in the form of bridges, crowns, pins, inlays, implants are most common.

The easiest and fastest way is a removable denture, it looks very naturalistic, inexpensive and durable. The conditionally removable method is used if necessary to replace one tooth. The doctor discusses various options with the patient, after which he takes the casts of the teeth and passes them on to the dental technician for further work. The final installation of the prosthesis is also the responsibility of the orthopedist.


Orthodontist Dentist

An orthodontist dentist is a specialist in correcting malposition of teeth and bite. This common anomaly is not only unaesthetic, it complicates the diction of a person and can cause diseases of the gums and teeth.

To fix it, special devices are widely used – removable and non-removable (braces and mouthguards). Before installing the device, the patient should visit a dentist to conduct a complete rehabilitation of the oral cavity, and possibly a dental surgeon to remove a tooth that is not amenable to treatment.

The orthodontist sets the patient braces made after taking impressions from the jaw. mouthguards are worn overnight after the braces are removed. A full course of correction takes 1.5-3 years, during which the patient periodically comes to consult a doctor. The duration of treatment depends on the person’s age, and on the degree of impairment, and on the type of bracket system. Although mainly parents of children seek help, this method gives good results at almost any age.



A periodontist treats periodontal diseases – the soft and mucous tissues that support the teeth. Forming a single system, teeth and gums depend on each other and cannot be healthy separately.

A periodontist is treated with gum disease (gingivitis), oral mucosa (stomatitis), complications of gingivitis (periodontitis) and other similar problems.

Stages of treatment: compulsory sanitation is performed, stones and dental deposits are removed, replaced with new crowns and fillings, rubbing the gums. Drug and restorative therapy is aimed at relieving inflammation and increasing the patient’s body resistance.

Particularly common is the penetration of infection between the tooth and gum – periodontal disease. The main task of the periodontist is to stop the inflammatory process with medicinal methods, but in advanced cases you have to resort to the help of a dentist-surgeon or orthopedist.

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