Delightful Perfumes Every Woman Should Own – The Most Beautiful Works of Guerlain


Fragrance is more than an accessory, it expresses one’s identity. It is the impression that melts and unites with the wearer to make his presence distinct and known, like a tangible extension of a person’s being. Fragrance is a true aura that deeply affects the definition of one’s personality, and distinguishes it in the eyes of others. It is for this reason that many dream of finding their perfect perfume, one that embodies their personality distinctively, highlighting the endless nuances. And some carry the dream further, to the desire for a unique and distinctive fragrance just like them.

Guerlain has exceptional and unique stories and stations for perfumes made especially for those who love the most distinctive fragrance. This house, which was founded in Paris in 1828, and before the great creations that defined its history, the founder Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain built his reputation through the art of bespoke perfumes that express and reflect the personality, dreams and desires of those who They ask.

In the year 1837, HonorĂ© de Balzac asked the perfumer to create a special Eau de Toilette for him. The author of The Human Comedy also wished to have a fragrance that would comfort him and stimulate him mentally to write, and this is what led to the writing of the novel by perfumer CĂ©sar Birotteau.

A few years later, in year 1853, it was a major turning point for this house. Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain designed the Eau de Cologne ImpĂ©riale for Empress EugĂ©nie for her marriage to NapolĂ©on III, who preserved it in a flask decorated with 18 bees. This fragrance rose to absolute fame not only because of its timeless fragrance of citrus and orange blossom, but also because of the packaging that preserved it: the famous “Bee Bottle”, specially designed to honor the empress. The bee thus became the emblem of the imperial house. This Eau de Cologne ImpĂ©riale, a legendary creation, earned Guerlain the title of “Creator of Her Majesty”, cementing the House’s reputation as the official perfume provider and maker of European tiles.

Over the years, successive Guerlain perfumers have maintained this tradition of bespoke fragrances: AimĂ© Guerlain, Jacques Guerlain, Jean-Paul Guerlain, and more recently Thierry Wasser and the Thierry Wasser family. This special service was provided in particular, to fulfill the dreams of the most distinguished customers, until it was officially established by the house in the year 2006 after 178 years of practice.

Guerlain is a pioneer in bespoke fragrances, and it has enshrined and cemented this service as the jewel of ultra-luxury perfumes. Reserved for the discerning of the most demanding fragrance lovers, it is the most exclusive expression of Guerlain’s expertise and creativity.

In keeping with the traditions started by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, each year, Guerlain Thierry Wasser creates a unique relationship with dedicated clients from all over the world, designing their unique scents for each one of them.

Draws the desire and imprinting the special image of each of these perfumes, to become a unique perfume painting that reflects their identity and personal history. Just like a painter, Thierry Wasser begins his work by carefully examining his subjects, abandoning the usual vocabulary of his profession and guided only by feeling and feeling, accompanying clients to discover the scent profile of each of them, defining their desires and striving to ensure their most intimate expectations to design the perfect fragrance for each of them.

The inspiration reflected in Guerlain’s unique olfactory signature creates a meeting point as each fragrance embodies a double legacy: the peculiarity and uniqueness of the theme, signed with the history and heritage of the house. This is the aromatic legacy that leaves an eternal mark in the history of Guerlain and that accompanies and remains for life in the possession of the customers who have been specially designed for them. 

To design a fragrance at Guerlain, emphasis was on one vision: total customer satisfaction. Thierry Wasser develops his formula at Guerlain Laboratories, where he works with the finest raw materials that he himself picked and brought from the four corners of the world.

1.7 liters total of this bespoke fragrance in 24 bottles, prepared and decorated by the “Dames de Table” craftswomen at Guerlain. From the process of filling it with perfume, to tying and decorating its necks with satin ribbon, all the way to the sealing of the bottles. Every step of these steps is Complete by hand through a rare experience unique to Guerlain.

The final touch to complete the dream: Two black leather boxes – accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a card detailing the inspiration for the design of this fragrance, hand signed by the perfumer – hold the full set of these bottles for the bespoke perfume.

From the custom-made fragrance to the bottle, this is how Guerlain can adjust the look and feel at the request of the customer and at a specific price.

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