Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Benefits

Do you want to build or preserve wealth?  Well, go for Delaware statutory trusts. Equipped with lots of benefits, Delaware statutory trusts are all about better property management and building a strong investment portfolio. So, if you want to free yourself from the active management of the 3 Ts—i.e. tenants, toilets, as well as trash, consider Delaware statutory trusts. Even more, Delaware statutory trusts offer you an opportunity to earn a passive based income stream. On those lines, here are the biggest benefits of Delaware statutory trusts.


With Delaware Statutory Trusts, you can use a 1031 exchange DST to get professionally managed grade assets. This will generate a stream of income without worrying about managing your property or assets.

NNN Access

With Delaware Statutory Trusts, you have complete access to the NNN properties—an abbreviation for the long term based triple net properties. This can be in a range of between five to 20 years in your primary lease term. Consequently, you will have a long term stream of income. At the same time, you won’t worry about lease renegotiations. This makes sense if you are moving from multifamily, apartment, and family rental property to Delaware Statutory Trusts. Consequently, you won’t have a hard time managing your property. Even more, it gives you a predictable and long-lasting income stream.

Non-Recourse versus Recourse Debt

It’s important to note that the majority of debts on the Delaware Statutory Trusts fall under the non-recourse. This can greatly limit your liability in the eyes of the lender. Thus, as an investor, your property and other investments are protected in case things don’t work out. So, if you are changing to Delaware Statutory Trust when it comes to property, think non-recourse debts. They are effective at adding an extra layer as far as safety is concerned.

On the other hand, recourse debts can increase your overall risk. So, if this is what you don’t want, think Delaware Statutory Trusts. It comes with non-recourse debts. They are more secure and safer.


With Delaware Statutory Trusts, you have an investment option that helps you diversify into those smaller amounts based on the dollar. This option gives you access to those institutions—including grade based real estate featuring smaller dollar amounts. Even more, Delaware Statutory Trusts helps you spread the risks across different assets. You won’t have to concentrate on a single property.

Investment Possibilities

Delaware Statutory Trusts is all about allowing fractional interest for your real estate property. This helps gives you different investment possibilities.

Key Takeaway

Delaware Statutory Trusts are good. It opens up investment possibilities. It promotes diversification and brings a consistent stream of income. However, it’s important to understand the terms. Know the qualification rules.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to get the most out of your investment property, think Delaware statutory trusts. With Delaware statutory trusts, you can be sure of a passive stream of income and better property management. The above are the top benefits of Delaware statutory trusts.