Deific Design IXP7 Waterproof Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review

Every person likes to listen to his or her favorite music without interference from surrounding noise. With the best earbuds, earphones or headphones, then you finally achieve it. Our surroundings are full of noise from moving vehicles, airplanes, people talking and industries. Nowadays, earbuds are fitted with the latest technology which includes active noise canceling features. This will greatly help in blocking out external sound.

Deific is a wireless and waterproof earphone. They have a noise-canceling feature which will allow you to hear only what you need to. These earphones are made using lightweight material which makes it comfortable to your ears. You will find no difficulty when using these earphones.


Design And Style

These earphones are available in black and white color. On its outer side surface, they have a brand drawing which makes it unique. The two earphones are connected using a well-made cable that will run behind your neck. Furthermore, these earphones are IPX7 waterproof. They have a Nano-coating that will guard the earphones against water damage. With IPX7 certification, you will be able to use the earphones in water with a depth of up to three feet for about 30 minutes.

The earphones have an ergonomic design which makes them comfortable. They are lightweight and compact which makes it simple for one wear for long hours. Deific design IXP7 earphones are best for use when running, in the gym or when working. With the ear hook, they will be held in your ears firmly. Additionally, the earphones have an in-built microphone which will allow you to make hands free phone calls.


Sound performance

Deific design IXP7 earphones offer high fidelity sound. This will allow you to enjoy the music. You will have a natural-sounding and a deep-bass quality which you can imagine. With the active noise canceling feature, you will be able to hear every bit of the audio comfortably. The feature will cancel all the noise which may external sound which can cause noise distortion. The ear tip will give you a comfortable fit which will help in noise isolation.

Furthermore, the earphones have an inbuilt microphone which will help you in making hands free phone calls. You will be able to increase & decrease volume depending on the way you will like it using a button. With the help of Bluetooth version 4.1 and EDR-technology. You will be able to appreciate real stereo & a superb bass. This headset has CSR chip technology for the best performance.


Comfort Level

The earphones have an ear tip that is made using soft silicone material. Therefore, you will not feel pain in your ear canal. Also, this makes it possible for one to use it for long hours. The ear hooks are made with smooth and lightweight material making it comfortable and convenient. The placement of braces will help in holding the in-ear mechanism safely in place even in vigorous activity.

Additionally, the earphones have a 15-degrees humanized design which holds them more closely to your ears for good music experience. The whole system is weightless which makes it more appropriate for sport running & fitness. Above all, they are foldable which makes them easy to store.


Battery life

Deific design IXP7 earphones come with an in-built Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery. The batteries offer one a playtime or talk time of about 6 hours with a single complete charge. On the iOS phone, the earphone’s battery status is automatically displayed on the screen. In a standby mode, the headset can remain active for 200 hours. This headset takes two hours for them to be fully charged.



These best noise cancelling earbuds are wireless. This means that you will be able to connect to them via the help of Bluetooth technology. It is fitted with Bluetooth technology version 4.1. This will allow your device to have a stable and faster connection. The buttons are easily pressed for convenience.

This Bluetooth technology will allow you to connect to Bluetooth within a range of 30 feet in an open ground. It is also fitted with an EDR technology for convenience.


Ease of use

Deific design IXP7 earphones are simple to use. It has buttons that will allow you to increase or decrease volume, skip, play or pause music. With the button, you will also be able to receive calls easily. With the headset, there will be no need for accessing your device.



  • It is rated IPX7 waterproof
  • Has an ergonomic ear fit design
  • Gives high fidelity sound
  • The batteries of this headset have a great lifetime
  • Has inbuilt microphones which will allow you to make hands free phone calls
  • They are cheap hence affordable


  • The sound quality needs improvement when on calls
  • Not suitable for use when swimming


Deific Design IXP7 Waterproof earbuds weigh about 0.64 ounces which makes them lightweight. You will be able to use them for a long time comfortably. It comes with a battery that has a long playtime. Furthermore, these earphones are rated IPX7 hence you will be able to use them in the gym or when running. Ear hooks will make sure that the headsets remain intact on your ear. No more worrying about water damage although you are not recommended to use them in swimming.

Deific Design IXP7 Waterproof earbuds have an ergonomic design that will give you a comfort fit to your ears. With EDR technology you will be able to appreciate the superb bass & real stereo experience. With a voice-prompt feature, you will be notified on incoming call hence you won’t miss any. Above all these headsets are cheap and simple to use.