Deep Wave Hairstyles You Need to try This Fall Season


10 trendy deep wave hairstyles to slay in autumn

Trying new hairstyles can be stressful and nerve-racking, but there’s just something about the changing leaves, snuggly sweaters, and autumn lattes that inspires us to make the switch. Among the different looks, straight hair is a bit limiting, kinda boring, and a tad dull.

Deep wave hair, regardless of length or size, will provide texture, versatility, and oomph! A deep wave hairstyle will get you out of a stylistic slump.

Many ladies have experimented with deep-wave wigs and extensions with remarkable results. The marvelous design makes your hair appear stunning, healthy, and admirable! There are several ways to style and flaunt deep wave hair, and we’ve gathered a list of the greatest deep wave hairstyles to attempt this autumn. Continue reading to discover the most creative ways to style your hair with deep-wave wigs and extensions!

1.   A Deep Wave Bun:

A high deep wave bun

If you are one to keep things simple in general and want a polished look for the office, consider this deep-wave hair bun. The textured bun adds so much drama and flair and makes you appear taller!

A great thing about this deep-wave bun is that it’s incredibly easy to recreate on your own! Gather your hair into a bun and use deep-wave hair extensions for volume and texture. If your extensions appear a bit dry, use a curl-enhancing mousse to define those gorgeous waves. The hairstyle is chic and minimal, so style your edges.

2. A High Deep Wave Ponytail Style:

A ponytail with a gorgeous deep-wave texture

A high deep wave ponytail hairstyle is another way to stand tall and look chic this fall. The hairstyle is extremely popular among women in their 20s. The magnificent hairstyle grants comfort and the thick gorgeous deep wave hair texture also creates an alluring appearance.

Recreating the hairstyle is quite easy with a ponytail deep wave sew-in or a deep wave ponytail extension. Mist your natural hair to soften it at the top and secure it into a ponytail. Slick down everything with a styling gel– don’t forget the baby hair at the back!

Braid your ponytail, create a tiny bun, and secure the drawstring deep wave ponytail extension.

3. Side Parted Deep Wave Wig Style:

Shoulder-length hairstyle with waves

When in doubt, go with a deep wave wig with a side part. A mid-length is often the greatest option for individuals who want to keep things in the center and experiment with styles that help their hair look extra-pretty. And for ladies looking to branch out from straight styles, this side-parted deep wave wig style is the perfect alternative. Unlike a deep wave sew-in, the wig can be installed and removed after a couple of days.

What’s not to love about this? The side part frames your face, and the big waves give drama to your fall look.

4. A Braided Style With Deep Wave Sew-In:

Time to channel your inner goddess!

Deep wave hair comes in various styles, including loose ringlets and stiff, thick waves. That is why this texture is so popular with women—many alternatives exist! We recommend going with a deep wave closure with leave-out. Channel your inner goddess and turn heads with this beautiful braided hairstyle this fall. You’ll be the focus of attention as you show off a style that includes a few lovely plaits in the front and lush, flowing deep wave hair.

5. Tousled, Wet & Wavy:

Tousled wet and wavy hairstyle

One of the biggest advantages of having deep-wave hair is its unrivaled versatility. Deep wave sew-in installation paired with a deep wave frontal provides a ton of volume and oomph that will turn heads this fall. You can achieve a lustrous and luminous hairstyle by mixing and misting water and a leave-in conditioner. Dampen the strands and comb through with your fingertips to give it that “fresh” look. Pair the tousled, wet, and wavy hairstyle with an oversized snuggly sweater, and welcome autumn in style.

6. Space Buns With Deep Wave Hair Extensions:

Space buns to make you the center of attention

Looking for a unique, innovative style to make you the star of the party this fall? With two cool space buns, you’ll undoubtedly be the star of the party! This space bun hairstyle with deep wave hair extensions is incredibly easy to achieve at home. Section your hair into two parts and create buns on each side. Grab your weft deep wave extensions and wrap them around each bun– gently pull the buns to create volume and apply a bit of mousse to mold the deep wave texture.

7. The Vacay Bun:

Wash-and-go deep wave hair

If you are escaping the chilly weather for warm tropical weather, slay your warm getaway with this minimal vacay bun hairstyle with deep wave sew-in extensions. However, if you cannot escape the fall, this minimalistic bun will still look fly for the boardroom or a quick brunch with your girls. Pair the deep wave low bun with a sophisticated wardrobe for work and keep the accessories minimal. To achieve this deep wave hairstyle, gather your hair, slick down the flyaways, and secure the hair with a low-tension hair tie.

8. Center-Parted Deep Wave Hair:

Lustrous and chic

You can keep your deep wave hair away from the face while still appearing charming with timeless frontal braids at the front with beads. It’s an excellent fall hairstyle since it allows you to show off your makeup while appearing FINE.

It is a great style to flaunt with a deep wave sew-in and a deep wave frontal. Use a curl-defining cream to add luster to the texture and make it stand out. Bring your edges down, style it to make your forehead appear smaller, and own the fall season like a queen!

9. Long Deep Side-Parted Hairstyle:

Tropical state of mind with a deep wave wig

The beautiful thing about human deep-wave hair is that it takes very little styling to appear perfect. If you want a “throw-and-go” look, shape the edges of your deep wave wig and add a gorgeous, deep side part. You’ll appreciate how it frames your face.

Pair the deep wave wig hairstyle with a single side braid with hair cuffs, and add a pair of hoop earrings to get that tropical vibe in autumn.

10. The O.G. Deep Wave Low Ponytail:

A quick deep wave hairstyle

Running late for the office or a date? Need a hairstyle that you can complete in seconds? Well, beat the fall rush with a deep wave sew-in and style your deep wave mane into a classic low ponytail.

Center-part the hair and use the shorter tendrils to frame your face. You can also change the fun and playful style up high for a sassy alteration or low in the back for a classic look.

P.S. You can use a scrunchie, a low-tension hair tie, or a claw clip to secure the hairstyle!


Deep wave hair or kinky curly hair is truly soft and versatile! The deep wave styles above are feminine and elegant and will look phenomenal during the dull and chilly fall season. Try any of the hairstyles above this fall, whether you are going out with your friends, for a date, or headed to work! These are very basic deep wave hairstyles that you can create yourself. We hope you find the greatest deep wave hairstyles to slay fall!

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