“Dedication and Motivation are the Strength,” says the Ultimate Athlete Jay Smoove

Success is not achieved overnight. An individual must work hard in order to make possible what many deem impossible to achieve. It takes day and night, blood and sweat, utmost dedication as well as motivation to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality. And one thing is sure that the life of an athlete is incomplete without a heroic display of passion, motivation and devotion. 

Sportsman, boxer, influencer, and overachiever, Jerimiah Rios, more popularly known as Jay Smoove, sets an example for many upcoming athletes, enlightening them on the importance of dedication in one’s life in order to achieve something—be it in sports or any other aspect of life. 

It wasn’t until the age of 20 that he worked with great passion and utter dedication towards carving a niche for himself in the world of boxing. According to Jay Smoove, he started boxing at the age of 13. However, he realized how passionate he was for the sport when he turned 20 and watched other sportsmen outlive his dream life. He shares his story of hard-earned success in the field of boxing as well as being an influencer. 

His Driving Force Was His Inspiration

You may only find it in your heart to dedicate yourself to something if you find a driving force. That driving force is the inspiration you need in order to devote yourself towards achieving a particular goal. For Jay, his driving force was the inspiration he got from watching other sportsmen live the life he dreamt of. He wanted that life for himself and understood that if he wanted to live the life of his dreams, he must become like those athletes who work painstakingly to achieve their goals. 

He mentions that watching successful sportsmen and boxers being the “man” or the “problem” for other competitors gave him all the more reasons to thrive in the boxing arena and be that “man” or the “problem” for other contestants. He says he wants to feel and enjoy the pressure of being the number one in the field and give others the necessary competition. 

Dedication is More Than You Know It Is

He says that dedication is not simply devoting oneself to a particular goal. It is more than that. Being dedicated to your goal requires you to be committed to it with all your heart and soul while working hard every day in order to make your dream come into an undeniable reality. Being an athlete, Jay emphasizes that if you are committed to your goal in actuality, then you must bear all the hardships that are likely to come your way to make you slow down as you move along the journey. 

Jay Smoove shared that to achieve your goal, dedication and motivation play a vital role in giving you the strength that you need to bring your dream into reality. He says that when you commit yourself to a particular goal, every step down the road must be taken with great responsibility.

We all have heard the saying, “practice makes perfect,” Jay Smoove firmly believes in this and says that in order to become a successful athlete, you must be diligent in your practice. Your dedication will only be evident if you show up for every practice session, no matter how minimal importance it possesses. Your punctuality, your willingness to leave your bed early in the morning to run miles, and your presence for every session show your dedication towards your goals. 

Jay Smoove believes that dedication and motivation are the strength of an athlete. They co-exist in such a way that no one can survive without the other. If you are motivated towards achieving your goals, you will dedicate yourself to it in their entirety.