Decorating: DIY vs Professional Decorators

Re-decoration will freshen up any room in your house and if you are planning on selling, a full re-decoration can make quite a difference to the ultimate selling price. Many of us can pick up a paint brush and some are even reasonably proficient at hanging wallpaper, but many would say there is no replacement for employing a professional, to do the commercial decorating job for you.

At M.J. Kloss Decorators, we offer a wide range of commercial decorating services at competitive rates, so why should you consider calling in the professional’s verses doing the job yourself? Here are a few pro’s and con’s to consider for DIY verses calling in the professionals:

Doing it Yourself

The obvious benefit of DIY is reducing the cost, buying your own materials and equipment, and doing the job yourself, will invariably keep the cost of the job down. Good quality professional decorators are in high demand and may not be able to come and do the work for you at the drop of a hat. Doing it yourself means you can get the job done quickly, and at a time that suits you, even overnight if you are a night owl.

Sadly, there are still cowboys operating in all trades and thanks to the internet and relatively low cost of basic website development, they can make themselves look very professional and reliable when they really aren’t. At least if you do the job yourself, you know you are in full control and are not going to pay through the nose for a shoddy job or even worse, an incomplete one.

Doing the job yourself, also means you are in full control of moving and protecting your furniture and important or valuable items. Some people just prefer to have full control of the work, even if the finished product is not 100% perfect.

Calling in the professionals

Calling in a company to provide professional commercial decorating services will invariably cost more than doing it yourself however, there are many reasons why people prefer to do so. What so many people fail to do when doing it themselves, is correct preparation. Removing old paint or wallpaper and correctly preparing the resulting surface is absolutely key to a high-quality finish. Tasks requiring more skill like wallpaper hanging, will always look better when done by a professional. Neat fitting and lack of creases and air bubbles in wallpaper can make the difference between a great finish, and a poor looking one.

After a long day at work or during precious spare time at weekends, the last thing many people want to be doing is decorating. Many are happy to pay the professionals and leave them to it in the knowledge that the job will be done to a high standard, assuming of course they have found a professional and reliable company. There is no better advert than a happy customer, so when looking for a good decorator, one should ask them for references and follow them up, to avoid those cowboys mentioned earlier.

So, as with most things, there are pro’s and con’s to DIY decorating verses calling in the professionals, but if you want the best possible finish with the least effort, using the services of a professional, reliable decorating company is always the best option.