Decorate your house with plants

Many times come into our life when we finally decide to either move-in to a new house or are tired of living in the same house and want to give it a makeover. These are the times when we are not able to decide what to keep in which corner or maybe you have already decided what you are keeping every corner and yet. Most of the houses are about corners and walls and of course, there has to be some centralized furniture. But to all of them what would be an amazing look if some natural plants are added because they will not only give out fragrances if they are flowers but also it would be great to have something natural and fresh in your house. 

1) Decorate with the Corners 

Some corners in the house still feel so incomplete and many things could be filled in those corners. As a table lamp, coffee tables, vases, etc. are just one part of your decoration but they can make up a lot if paid attention. And the leftover corners can be decorated by using house plants in every corner to make it come alive. You can use a variety of colorful flowers not just in one corner but every corner of the house to make it come to life and give it a more natural feeling because we all are getting used to the artificial environments too much.

2) Indoor garden

Yes, we all have heard that I’m quite a few times and octane many of us thought that why not let’s have a fun indoor garden because nowadays the flats culture has brought lots of houses to leave but not enough natural surroundings for the people. So to be surrounded by nature and to teach your children the same it’s important to have an indoor garden. Now, this indoor garden can be created in that part or corner of the house where an ample amount of sunlight and fresh air can reach the plants. So for growing and indoor garden florists in Bangalore are very easily available you can contact them and they will deliver to you already grown flowers in their nursery and that is how you can enjoy your indoor garden from the minute these flowers are delivered. 

3) Balcony Garden 

All those people who love fresh flowers admire this piece of interior decoration. All of us love balcony gardens especially if we are living in a sunny area or maybe in a cold too balcony garden helps us not just relax but enjoy the view of the outside world that we are not able to say while we are busy working on our computers. You can create a garden full of rose’s sunset oranges, pink, hydrangeas, purple orchids and what not. Nowadays some companies help you create a balcony garden of your choice and will deliver nursery-grown flowers in your house that will make up for a ready to go balcony garden all you need to do is just add some furniture and customize it according to your needs. 

4) Coffee Table Plants 

We all love sipping coffee on a table near the window or nearby sunlight or from a place where we can enjoy an amazing view. Like online flower delivery in mumbai, several nurseries will help you with the best possible coffee table plants and that require minimal care so you can now save your copy alongside a beautiful plant on your coffee table. 

5) Greens Room 

So here we are not talking about the green room that actors use. But this is your room which has a window and an ample amount of fresh air and sunlight can flow in so you can create a green room for yourself. This green room will have all kinds of plants that you want. You can also grow your vegetables or leafy plants such as spinach, Coriander, cilantro, etc. Of course, there is no problem in adding more to it such as fresh flowers and as much as you want to but make sure that plants have space to grow and you still have a space to use that room. 

6) Wall Hangings 

Well, we all have thought of decorating our house with wall hangings and we use them quite often with various patterns and as much as possible because they look really beautiful. But it is time to take your decorating levels to another and that is creating wall hangings out of plants. Of course, we usually hang wall hanging kind of plants in a garden but here you can do this in a corner of your house as well, maybe it could be on top of your balcony or near a window which has a place where you think they will get sunlight and fresh air will be just apt. After all, who can deny the magic of fresh flowers & send flowers to delhi in their house? Especially if they are Sunny oranges or yellow roses or hydrangeas, tulips, lilies chrysanthemum, carnations, etc. whatever you like. 

7) Kitchen Garden 

Nowadays this is a new trend coming up of having kitchen gardens and most people in the state of mind living dreams outside in a store prefer to grow them at home in small pots and that is exactly how you can create your kitchen garden and that will not only give you some green leafy vegetables but also it will help you and decorating your kitchen garden into something really beautiful. There are two things to be kept in mind: that your plants should receive an ample amount of sunlight and fresh air. write for us for flowers send by  Florists in Bangalore now also help you in growing green leaves so that you can make a beautiful kitchen garden.