Decoding Social Norms: Automation and its Impact on the Educational Framework of Society

The predictions from social researchers, technology scientists and news sources hail automation as the next prodigy child of the millennium. From self-service kiosks in retail stores, welcoming robots in hotel receptions, and to self-driving tractors for farming, automation has hijacked every area of society.  

What are the repercussions? How deep has the invasion of automation seeped into our social fabric? What are the consequences and which sector is the most affected?

Realigning Job Roles with Automation 

The merits of automation have long been a topic of debate.Though it’s credited with increased productivity, consistency  and quality of output, there are grave questions concerning the future with automation. 

One sector of society that is impacted the most is employment. Scepticism on  automation derailing our present system of workforce is prevalent these days. 

With automation there has been an inevitable downsizing of labour. Most industries like printing, farming, retail, fashion, manufacturing, and even hospitality have turned to automated mechanisms to shift their requirements and mode of operations. The huge shift will invariably result in job loss but simultaneously create newer ones that coexist with a machine-oriented work environment. 

Most in-demand, technical jobs are layered with sub-tasks from diverse domains, and demand a multitude of skills. One would require logical reasoning, communication skills, analytics & numerical calculations, creativity, and much more.

As most of these subsets concern social skills and are human in nature and quality, replacing them with an automated system may not always be feasible.  This helps to retain the human element in the workforce, hopefully for another few years. Job oriented courses heavily lean on this aspect of human touch to equip their brigade of “competent” candidates to arm up against automation.

Rewiring Educational Framework

What happens when we are not in pace with this tremendous revolution because of an outdated education? The National Employability Report – Engineers 2016 (NERE), by Aspiring Minds, shows that nearly 80% of the graduating engineers in India are unemployed because there is a wide gap between the levels of student  skills and knowledge required by the industry.

So, keeping pace with today’s phenomena and to succeed in today’s machine- driven world one needs to adapt to the challenges. We will have to merge automation technology with adaptive and applied technological skills and traditional knowledge.

To tackle such challenges many EdTech companies and educational institutions have been bringing up  job oriented online courses such as Industry Oriented Learning, Machine learning. AI, Education, Microsoft Certifications etc.  and internships introduced by many companies to help students and professionals have a skillful future start.

The e-learning platforms have shown a good difference in students engagement and performances and is also dissolving the knowledge gap with new dimensions. This demand and supply of students and companies have brought in a massive rise in e-learning. 

Dwelling deeper into such futuristic and job placements courses, here’s a list of  courses that gives your career a grand head start.

Industrial Oriented Learning

Besides learning in a traditional methodology way, the curriculum focuses on  developing analytical skills, problem solving, communication, and teamwork. Case studies of  industry projects, research work, role-play and presentations are made a part of a student’s life rather than just a graduation got through the traditional teaching methods.

Machine Learning

This course helps your machines to think and work wonders in its own way. It helps in getting a better understanding of the technology by diving deeper. The most popular language which is currently doing  its rounds is Python. A course wherein students are trained on the  importance of Machine Learning and its relevance in today’s day and age.It covers topics such as algorithms, model evaluation as well as supervised vs unsupervised learning.

Candidates who have an interest in learning algorithms using Python, who want to learn about practical application of machine learning to solve real world problems, who want to start a career as a data scientist and those who want to utilize  the technology of Machine learning to their domain are eligible for this course.

Cloud Computing Using Azure

A highly advanced course that  helps you learn to build apps on Windows using Azure platform. This course if done at FOXUMLA will cover the whole Windows Azure computer, and storage Azure along with SQL Azure. This course will help you expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies and thus be very beneficial for your career.

Companies such as Foxmula help pave careers because they believe that students are today’s innovators and inventors of the future. Foxmula is a community- driven ecosystem for Global certifications, Industrial internships for exposure, Industry-oriented training, life-long networking and careers.  They provide profile building programs that are globally recognised and include training with  internships. Guaranteed job programs for graduates and final year students with excellent placements. 

If you want to be ahead of the game, then visit FOXMULA and learn more about the starry careers you can achieve.


We’re fast-forwarding to a machine-controlled future, evolving rapidly as we work and learn to fight and win. Life is all about adapting to your circumstances In order to be successful in the years and decades to come. We need to acquire new skills. Soon students will be seen working in jobs that did not exist but were created with time. And more and more courses will spring up for e-learning; transforming skills, focus and career goals to fit them into the ever-evolving, unpredictable and competitive technological world.