Declutter Your Entryway by Saying Goodbye to These 7 Items

The first thing you see when you walk into your home is the entryway, and the last thing you want to see is a mess of coats, shoes, and forgotten mail. It’s not the best impression as you come through the door.

It’s time to clear up the clutter once and for all!

Take a look at these seven items to take out of your entryway right now to declutter this catch-all area quickly, so you feel good every time you come home!

1. Out of Season Items

Just because it feels like the seasons are changing in the blink of an eye doesn’t mean you need to keep a year’s worth of accessories by the door at all times. It may seem convenient, but it looks like a mess.

Not to mention all the time you have to spend searching for what you need!

In the summer, put away your coats, gloves, and scarves. In the winter, store your water wings and sunglasses somewhere else.

When it’s time to pull things out again, make sure you only take out what you and your family really need. Do away with any gloves or flip flops that have lost their matches or coats that are too small or full of holes.

Keep up with all that seasonal decor too.

There’s no reason to leave plastic pumpkins, wreaths, or lights sitting in your entryway after you take them down. Go ahead and pack them away until next year when you need them again.

2. Everyone’s Shoes

Leaving your shoes by the door is the easiest thing to do to keep dirt to a minimum. You just come in and slide them off and leave them sitting where they are or toss them on a nearby shoe rack.

When everyone in the house does the same thing with every pair of shoes, the pile can get out of hand.

For a truly decluttered look, store shoes somewhere else in the house to keep them hidden away. Take them off by the door and then carry them to a closet until you’re ready to wear them.

At most, you should only have one pair of shoes per person by the door.

3. Backpacks and Purses

Bags of any kind are incredibly tempting to leave in the entryway. You only really need them when you leave the house to hold your stuff. So when you get home, you drop them and forget about them until you go out again.

No matter where you put your backpack or purse in your entryway, it’s probably going to look like it doesn’t belong there.

Instead, give bags a home of their own somewhere else in the house. 

Have your kids take their backpacks to their rooms first thing when they get home from school. That way, they can easily do their homework and get their stuff ready for the next day of school.

Make a special place for purses in your closet where it will stay safe and sound. Put briefcases in the office or wherever you do work while you’re at home.

You’ll be able to get to your stuff without walking all the way to the entryway, and it won’t be crowding your door anymore!

4. Sports Equipment

One thing that looks pretty unsightly leaned against a wall or lying on a bench is random equipment just waiting to be used.

It might make things easier to grab on the go, but it also fills up your entryway pretty fast, especially if you have a lot of athletes living under your roof. 

Instead, move the hockey sticks, football pads, and basketballs somewhere else until they’re needed. You can designate a spot for them in the garage, store them in a coat closet, or have everyone take their belongings to their rooms.

Make it a habit to get everything prepared the day before a game or practice. It’s just as easy to grab on the way out without the ever-growing jungle in your entryway.

5. That Stack of Mail

When you have a console table, it’s the first thing to get cluttered with junk.

While it’s meant to be a catch-all zone, that refers to all the essentials. It’s not there to catch all of the stuff you have in your hands as you stumble in the door. 

Including the pile of mail you just pulled out of the box.

Don’t just leave letters, magazines, and catalogs stacked on the table. It will make your entryway look more cluttered than it really is because mail is difficult to keep stacked in an organized way.

That stack is going to fall over eventually. There’s no stopping it. 

Instead of simply dropping it on the table for later, go through your mail then and there. Throw away all the junk and put the rest away somewhere safe. Stick those magazines on the coffee table and file away your bills.

You’ll feel so much better without a pile of paper lingering in your entryway.

6. All Those Keys

If you’re going to keep your car keys in your entryway, it’s best to have a specific place to put them. Something like a table tray or a set of hooks on the wall keeps them out of the way.

Routinely do away with any extra keys or keys that are no longer needed.

Or keep keys in a purse or backpack rather than tossing them on a table in your entryway. Then they won’t present a problem at all.

Less clutter for you to worry about!

7. Umbrellas

I’m here to tell you — you don’t need a ton of umbrellas.

If you have an excessive amount of umbrellas in your entryway, it can start to look like an invasion. Rise of the Umbrellas coming to a foyer near you.

Short of an umbrella-shaped alien takeover, it just looks cluttered and uninviting. 

Keep them stored away until you need them for a clean, polished foyer free of overflow.

In Conclusion

Make a great first impression with your brand new, super squeaky clean entryway. Anyone that walks through your front door will be in awe, whether they’ve lived there for years or they’re just seeing it for the first time.

The transformation will be amazing!

All you need is an afternoon and the motivation to give these seven items an eviction notice from your threshold. Once you say goodbye to these things, you can say hello to the entryway of your dreams.

Author Bio:

Leon Grundstein has more than 28 years of experience in real estate development, with over two decades of experience in the retirement industry. He founded Lynnwood Scriber Gardens with a game-changing business model to promote a healthy and robust retirement lifestyle for older adults.