Debunking Cat Boarding Myths: Discover the Truth Behind Quality Care

Busted! Top 7 Myths About Cat Boarding Services

Cats are tiny, adorable, and quiet types of pets. People with less space often like cats more than dogs. City culture promotes having cats as pets because of their low maintenance and the fact that cats keep the house pest-free. 

With a long life span, cats symbolize a true partner that goes on with you through your life. 

But it is also a task for busy working-class people to maintain their cats because of their irregularities. 

Cats do need care and attention and are very dainty in nature. People who have cats as pets often want to hire a cat boarding service provider, but because of some myths, they hesitate. 

Despite their benefits, many cat owners hesitate to hire professional boarding services. Mostly, the hesitation is due to misconceptions associated with the service type. 

Here, we will discuss the top 7 myths spread about cat boarding services, which, after debunking, made me search for cat boarding services near me.

Myth 1: Cats Don’t Need Human Interaction, So They’ll Be Fine Alone.

Reality: Cats are social animals. They need love and compassion, but at the same time, they also need human interactions. Lonely feelings can make them lethargic, aggressive, and destructive. You have often noticed that cats sit in a corner and keep sitting there for extended periods; that shows how badly affected they are because of being left alone by the owner. 

Your pet will get the attention it deserves at the cat boarding service facility in your absence.

Myth 2: Cats Get Stressed In Boarding Facilities.

Reality: Cats usually enjoy the company of people and fellow animals. As I mentioned above, cats are among the most socialized animals and love hanging out. 

People also keep cats as their pets to release stress through the presence and naughtiness of the cat.

Myth 3: Cats Will Be Confined To Small Cages.

Reality: Cats are independent animals, and they love to remain free. I can bet you also did not see any cat tied up with rope anywhere. It’s their natural principle. 

Cat boarding facilities are designed to raise socialism and happiness in cats. They take cat’s freedom seriously and make their facility playful for them

Myth 4: Boarding Facilities Are Unsanitary, Leading To Health Issues.

Reality: At the house, we care for hygiene and proper sanitation, and out of love, we think such a level of hygiene can not be provided elsewhere. 

At the cat boarding service in Sydney, they properly hygiene the place where cats are kept, and from time to time, they check for further cleanings so that no health issue can be raised.

Myth 5: Cats Won’t Receive Proper Medical Attention.

Reality: A proper medical officer is appointed at the cat boarding facility to tackle all the cat-related medical issues. It’s a myth that proper medical attention won’t be given to cats at boarding. 

Myth 6: Cats Won’t Eat Or Drink In A Boarding Environment.

Reality: It is noticed that cats feel happy and relaxed among humans, but they feel more independent and at ease at boarding after meeting other cats. 

Cats get familiar with other cats at the boarding service facility and enjoy their company.

Myth 7: Cat Boarding Is Unnecessary; A Pet Sitter Is Sufficient.

Reality: Most often, people think that a pet sitter can do everything needed. But those with experience in cat boarding services have different views on this matter. 

At the boarding facility, some factors and arrangements make the cat’s life easy and enjoyable.

For fun with other cats and animals, time-to-time medication and proper hygiene can only be adequately maintained at the boarding facility.


There are always myths, and there are solutions, but while selecting a boarding service in Sydney, you must look for excellent quality services. It is also hard to differentiate between the best and worst service providers, so you have to keep the points mentioned above in mind.


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