Dealing With Chest Pain After A Car Accident.

The chest is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body when it comes to injuries. Chest is a target during a car accident and contributes to a significant percentage of the victim’s mortality. This is especially to the front seat occupants. These injuries can either be direct or indirect. And mostly, chest injuries are indirect such that they are not visible like cuts or bruises. This means that one may suffer from internal bleeding unaware. These injuries may reveal themselves even days or months after the accident. If you have been involved in a car accident and experiencing pain chest, this could be a sign of a more severe injury. Seeking medical attention immediately could help ensure you’re safe and help protect your rights when it comes to filing a claim.


Common Causes Of Chest Pain After A Car Accident

There are many reasons why one would experience chest pain after a car accident. Due to adrenaline release after a car accident, the victim may not detect any chest injury early enough. That’s why accident victims are encouraged to visit a doctor and ensure they are safe. If such injuries result from someone’s negligence, one may consider looking for the best Anchorage law firms to secure the right compensation. When an accident occurs, the position of the driver or passengers means a lot. The inertia pushes one forward, and the chest may come into contact with:

  • Improper Airbag deployment: These have been known to cause significant chest injuries. In such a case, one may hold the manufacturer liable. For this to be successful, you will need to prove the airbag should have deployed correctly, but it failed
  • Dashboard: Striking the dashboard with your chest could lead to the most severe injury to your chest muscles.
  • Steering wheel: A sudden impact could show you to hit the steering wheel which could lead to broken ribs or other serious injuries.
  • Seat belt: Often, car accident victims complain of tenderness or soreness in their chest area. A seatbelt can cause tears to the tendons and muscles, leading to severe pain in your chest.

The above may result in severe injuries that make it hard for you to move on with your normal life. If someone’s careless actions caused this, you need to file a personal injury claim. Getting the right compensation will not only help you get to pay for your medical expenses but will ensure you enjoy an improved quality of life.


 Why Your Chest Pain Could Be Serious

Often, contusions or bruises may lead to chest pains. But other serious problems could be masked by your chest pains. Some of these include:

  • Kidney contusion: Seatbelt injuries may cause this. Inappropriate pressure can leave you with severe chest pain. The right test can help diagnose kidney damages after an accident.
  • Contusion of the heart: This injury results from the heart muscle’s bruise which can either be mild or severe. A medical professional can evaluate the extent of contusion and give the right medication.
  • Fractured ribs: Trauma or force from car accident is known to cause rib cage breaks or cracks. If untreated, this may lead to long-term consequences such as chronic issues.
  • Lung damage: One of the most common injuries would be the pulmonary contusion resulting from shock. Though there may be no specific test to identify your lung injury, a good doctor may look for vital signs to identify the problem.
  • Broken ribs: This result from a rib fracture, which could also injure your lung or lead to spleen injury.

 Most of these injuries are not noticeable after the car accident. That’s why every time you visit the doctor, you need to tell the doctor what you’re feeling and also make sure to have the right documentation. This will be useful when it comes to getting your compensation. Your doctor will be in a position to tell the kind of injury you may have suffered and hence give you the right advice on matters related to the treatment you need. The process will be easy if you search for a lawyer who will offer you services on a contingency basis. He/she will guide you on how much your chest injury claim is worth. That is the amount to receive for:

  • General damages such as mental anguish or loss of consortium
  • Special damages such as medical costs or loss of earning capacity

 Your lawyer will put the right pressure on the at-fault driver’s insurance company to ensure you get the best personal injury settlement to cover for your expenses.


Discuss Your Chest Pain With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Not every severe injury may result in pain. The best way to ensure you’re safe is to seek medical help for the right diagnosis. If you or your loved one has been involved in a car accident, talk to an experienced lawyer to protect your rights.