Day Trips To London

London is one of the incredible cities in the world. It has really amazing sight views where the visitors can spend their valuable hours or even couples of days. All the popular tourist attractions of the city are close to each other. London is a hub of shopping, finance, tourism, healthcare as well as famous for media and entertainment. London is the dream city of a number of people because of its beauty, name, and fame.  If the trip to London is in your bucket list then sign up with Holafares and book your cheap flights tickets to London. This is a platform that provides cheap flights to London to you. 

These are some famous spots that one must visit if they are travelling to London:-


Whistable is an attractive tourist spot in London. It is a small town that is popular for its seaside locations. Also, there are a number of sandy beaches. This place is not only a cheaper place but also has plenty of options for food and drinks. The visitors travelling to the city can take a ride to the oyster bay trail.


Guildford is also a popular place to visit if the visitors are travelling to spend some hours or a couple of days in the city. Guildford town is located 27 miles away from London. Apart from the modern amenities the visitors there have plenty of options for the food and drinks. The passengers can have 30 minutes train journey from waterloo too

Potters bar

Potters bar is also a town near England. This town is a small town in which there are eight churches. It is an agricultural town that has a laid back atmosphere. The visitors can enjoy the atmosphere and the calm environment of the city. The city is also famous for various educational and sports activities. 

Box hill

It is a town located 30 kilometres away from London. If you are travelling to London, then don’t forget to visit this place, this place is popular as there are a lot of opportunities for hikers and cyclists. Box hill has an outstanding natural beauty that includes different parks and gardens. Also, there are a lot of options for shopping where visitors can walk to different market streets. 

The above-mentioned places are must-visit places in London. Book cheap plane tickets to London on Holafares to get discounts.