Dating during times of Covid-19 in the UK

Regardless of age, finding a partner can be a challenge for anyone – even under normal circumstances. Add a global pandemic like the Coronavirus to the mix, and it gets a lot more difficult.

In the meantime, however, there are some dating services that step up and cater to this type of challenge. Datinghive, for example, addresses this problem by trying to find and compare dating sites or a suitable dating app for all age groups and people within fringe groups with special interests, specifically towards UK singles.

In particular, singles within the age group of 50 to about 70 years currently have a particularly hard time finding and comparing a match-making agency or dating app that is tailored to their individual interests and needs.

Older singles in the UK currently have a particularly hard time

A representative of Datinghive comments: “Many users report that through an independent dating comparison platform, they were finally able to find a a fitting dating service and thus a like-minded partner after years of conventional offline dating.” Especially if one was indeed still used to the “old-fashioned” way of dating up to now, a “switch” to online dating sites that specialize in finding partners over 50 can bring about a surprisingly high success rates in finding a significant other.

The majority of mature singles aged 50 to 60 and older are still accustomed to meeting their crush or potential dream partner at work, during leisure activities or when going out in various clubs or bars.

While all these opportunities to get to know each other in our society have been significantly restricted by Covid-19, this does not mean that they have to put their relationship ambitions on hold entirely for the time being.

On the contrary. For many singles, the current state of affairs and the digital transformation, which is now rapidly advancing in the dating world as well, have opened new doors for meeting new singles and seniors looking for a partner.

In the meantime, more and more seniors aged 60 and up are switching to digital technologies to successfully manage their partner search. The number of 60+ dating services specifically geared towards the older generation has grown in popularity in recent years.

No matter whether you are looking for a partner with whom you may take an innocent stroll through the park on a sunny day; or simply flirt for hours via video-chat: Those who try an online dating site or a digital dating agency for the first time, surely will usually not be disappointed.

In addition, popular dating sites and mobile dating apps naturally also have an integrated messenger/ chat functions that can be used from the comfort of your own home, especially in pandemic times. Or to put it another way: Where better to find a new friendship or relationship in these times than on the web?

Experience makes the difference

One of the biggest side effects of the COVID-19 crisis for many older singles is “a sudden lack of social connection and subsequent isolation” to other folk. This is because, especially in times when some cases are acutely on the rise, getting to know someone in person may not be something that should be prioritised. Nevertheless, this does not mean that one cannot make new “connections for life”.

This is where online dating sites and dating apps step up to fill the gap and provide the plattform to make the best of these lonely times. They give many British singles, especially over the age of 50, the opportunity to find and get to know other like-minded people in their area, even if the communication initially takes place online. 

Datinghive provides a wide range of dating sites based in the UK for each and every lonely single seeking a partner. The recommendations are primarily based on user experiences of conventional partner exchanges for people over 50.

How to use dating sites in times of covid-19?

As a rule of thumb, singles on dating sites first get to know each other in detail in a digital manner. After a little chat – often times going back and forth for several weeks – it is only afterwards that a meeting in person or a classic “date” takes place over a coffee or a cosy, romantic dinner or a glass of wine.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, more users have registered on online dating sites than ever before. People are almost talking about the dawn of a new age of dating.

Basically, it has never been easier, especially for older singles, to find a new friendship or even a long-term relationship as in these times. In their struggle and lack of social and romantic connections, singles in the UK have never been more willing to mingle and connect with other folk.

New registrations on partner and singles exchanges rise significantly since pandemic

According to recent studies, there has been a steep 19 percent increase in new registrations on dating portals since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak.

This is especially true for older age groups. Especially in difficult times, many single people are looking for real connections. Be it new friendships, or casual and nsa flings, or a long-term fulfilling relationship.

Especially people with special interests and hobbies like dog lovers, travel pioneers or passionate athletes benefit from this development and can achieve excellent results with special niche dating sites.

Whether it’s the Corona crisis or not – don’t be put off in your search for a new partner and take advantage of the new digital opportunities that have arisen from this new situation. Even at the “best” age of 50 – 60 years, there are still almost unlimited possibilities of finding a new partner.


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