Dating Apps and Stress: Making Them Work for You

From Tinder and Bumble to Grindr and Plenty of Fish, it seems like there is always a new dating app vying for our attention. For as long as humans have existed, we have yearned for and desired to connect. In today’s era of digital technology and instant connectivity, dating apps are providing the groundwork for these new and exciting connections.

Dating apps are often innately stressful, so it can help to have a plan going into the process. Today, we are going to briefly explore how you can make dating apps work better without stress. Going on a date during a global pandemic can probably be described as risky, but humans still yearn for and desire for connection. One individual found themselves using Tinder as a way to filter out potential dates, opting for video chats first. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always effective. Some daters would still want to remove their masks, head back to apartments, and generally act as if the pandemic wasn’t happening.

Find the Right Platform

There are a myriad of dating apps available and more coming every day. While Tinder may be in the middle of a public battle between its co-founder Sean Rad and its parent company at IAC/Match, the app itself is still making waves with continual improvements.

Tinder recently introduced the Swipe Night event, a “Choose Your Own Adventure,” to try and stay ahead of the pack with industry innovation. The minds behind the swipe left/swipe right system, Tinder is an ideal dating app for members of Gen Z looking to make a connection.

While Tinder is obviously one of the big dating apps on the internet, there are many others out there. Take time to take stock of your desires and needs and compare them to what these different platforms prioritize. While Grindr may prioritize intimacy and romance, Tinder may be a better option for more social users. 

Play in the Love Lab

Your dating profile is your own Love Laboratory. This is how you present yourself to the world as you curate your online persona. Portraying who you are and who you want to be can be a careful trick, toeing the line between authenticity and an appropriate level of polish.

If you find yourself stressed while searching through the dating world, consider playing with your profile. Try different colors, pictures, and profile biographies. Make your bio work for you and you’ll attract the energy that you give off.

Most importantly of all, be kind and patient with yourself. Like other aspects of social media, it is easy to get discouraged by the success that others might be having. As one of the most common ways to meet a potential spouse, online dating has come a long way since the beginning. WebPersonals was one of the first online dating websites, established in 1994. The platform generated more than 120,000 signups within 18 months, a massive number for the time.

Just two years later, would launch as the world of the 90s fully embraced the internet, dating, and the culture that went along with it. Match became one of the most notable dating websites, becoming a major online player before Google and Twitter even existed.