Darren Oved: New York’s Best Litigator

Known as being “one of the best, most talented, and audacious attorneys in New York City,” as well as “New York’s best litigator,” Darren Oved has represented various high-net-worth individuals as well as well-known national and multinational organizations as the co-founder and partner of the internationally acclaimed law firm Oved & Oved LLP.

Mr. Oved is widely recognized and regarded by many clients, attorneys and judges as having the strategic vision of a wartime commander when he is engaged in litigation or arbitration. His commitment to excellence and perfection on behalf of his clients and his unwavering determination to leave no stone unturned is attested to by the numerous exceptional results achieved for his clients. Many of Mr. Oved’s cases have been reported on the front pages of the New York Law Journal, Fox Business News, the New York Post, the New York Times, Bloomberg, The Real Deal, and The Washington Post.

Oved’s skills as a trial attorney and commercial litigator have earned him a strong reputation in the legal community, and he continues to be sought after by clients who need representation in complex cases. His eye for detail and ability to negotiate favorable deals on behalf of his clients has earned him large litigation wins and settlements, both in and out of court.

Celebrity Representation

One of the differentiating characteristics of a skilled lawyer is their understanding of how to interact with their clients and handle the consequences of every action and statement, no matter how seemingly trivial. This is magnified, especially when the clients are celebrities with a large audience following them. Indeed, Oved is known by his colleagues and clients as the “litigating wizard” because of his unique ability to strategically handle any case that comes his way – and win.

Oved represented Cat Cora, an American professional chef who was featured as “Iron Chef” on the show Iron Chef America in 2017. According to the charge, the Iron Chef and Around the World in 80 Plates star collaborated with Manhattan’s Fatbird Restaurant to allow the establishment to “exploit her name, image, and likeness” in exchange for $400,000 and a 10% equity stake. Oved disclosed to the New York Post that his client placed, “This endeavor requires a tremendous amount of time, work, energy, and money. And that the lawsuit aims to collect what was promised to her.”

Oved has also represented Alex Sapir, a billionaire and the son of the late billionaire Tamir Sapir, in a number of litigations involving hundreds of millions of dollars. In the magazine The Real Deal, Oved was cited to have saved the Sapir Organization from the brink of bankruptcy.

Additionally, Oved has worked on cases for superstars Tisto and Rebecca Minkoff.

Oved was also reported in the New York Post regarding a lawsuit in which a group of Brooklyn Nets season ticket holders alleges the team illegally revoked their expensive seats because they resold their unsold tickets on the secondary market, according to complaints filed on Monday. Being the ticket holders’ lawyer, Oved stated, “the lawsuit seeks to defend fans and free enterprise against Nets rules that ostensibly do not value either.”

Oved has also defended investor Andreas Steiner in a multimillion-dollar case against Maverick Real Estate Partners. He was also credited with mediating a disagreement between real estate tycoons Joseph and Daniel Rahmani and investors Ebi Khalili and Josh Rahmani. “The parties have cordially resolved their dispute, cleared each other of any allegations of wrongdoing, and look forward to

pursuing their respective real estate businesses in New York,” Oved stated in a statement to the Real Deal after the close of the case.

In addition, Oved attracted publicity for representing European soccer legends like Zinedine Zidane, Christian Vieri, Paolo Maldini, and Andriy Shevchenko. “In dismissing this suit against our clients, it is clear that the accusations against them were merely a shameless ploy to tarnish their reputations in a transparent attempt to renege and re-trade on an already consummated real estate transaction,” Oved said after obtaining a favorable decision in this case.

Media Appearances

Oved received significant coverage regarding his representation of Gerry Shalam in a well-known privacy case in which Shalam was videoed against his permission. For this case, Oved was quoted by the Daily Mail, Page Six, and Asbury Park Press. “This is a dishonorable exploitation of a young man who was clearly protecting himself and his friends from unwarranted intrusions into their private life at a vulnerable time,” Oved said of the case.

In an article published by Bloomberg Technology, Oved was quoted further about defamation, this time explaining the influence of Twitter on defamation and libel in the age of President Trump. As it related to libel, an area of tremendous expertise for Oved, the attorney was academically cited by Brightwork Research.

Oved’s Expertise in the Privacy Litigation

Oved has also represented countless other high-profile clients in privacy claims against large corporations such as Apple and T-Mobile.

He was quoted in a Tech News World piece about a court battle between Apple and the FBI over Apple’s “opposition to unscramble data from one of the San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhones.” On the same issue, Oved was quoted in CRM Buyer, Ecommerce Times, and Technology Times.

For the same topic again, Oved participated in a Q&A with the famed Santa Cruz Sentinel that was reposted onto Silicon Valley’s website. Below is a snippet from the Q&A:

Q Is the iPhone so secure that the government needs Apple”s help to hack it?

A “Apparently yes,” said New York City litigator Darren Oved, whose firm represents tech companies, among others. “If the FBI had a way to do it without Apple’s help, they would.” Oved says there’s a sort of military-industrial complex in play, a revolving door Apple engineers often use to go work for the NSA or FBI and vice versa. “So go figure: the people who created that encryption software for Apple may now be the brains at the government agency that’s now trying to get those same people to hack into their own product. It probably can be done, but without Apple’s help, the time and energy would be prohibitive. “And,” he said, “the problem here is you”re dealing with a live investigation of a terrorist act; people have been murdered and there”s a very real threat posed to the country, perhaps with other cells planning more attacks. It’s not that government couldn”t eventually figure out how to hack the phone; it’s that they need this information immediately and don’t want to risk waiting.”

The International Business Times cited Oved in the political dispute over whether or not Congress should force Apple to unlock the San Bernadino terrorist’s phone. There, Oved stated, “It’s very hard for any reasonable congressman to get behind a dead terrorist’s cell phone privacy rights versus protecting the country.” Congressman Ted Lieu, of California’s 33rd district even quoted Oved’s

expertise on the topic on his website, and in an interview cited Oved as the reason for his decision

not to support Apple in their decision not to unlock the terrorist’s phone.

Furthermore, Oved appeared as a guest on Fox News on February 26, 2016 to discuss this issue.

Courtney Love’s Lawsuit

Oved was also quoted by The Financial Post in relation to a lawsuit by Courtney Love. The Times wrote: “‘Even in weak cases that get tossed by judges, attorney’s fees can range from $10,000 to

$20,000,’ said Darren Oved, a partner at Oved & Oved LLP and a First Amendment lawyer. A case that does make it to a jury can go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and so can a settlement, like those paid by Courtney Love.”

The Insurance Journal and the Claims Journal both cited Oved as a knowledgeable expert on the case, quoting him saying, among other statements, that the courts, in the social media context, give more latitude.”

Northwest Arkansas’ Democrat Gazette also quoted Darren Oved on Love’s lawsuit, this time regarding its repercussions. “Even if the case is dismissed or defeated,” Oved said, “it can still have its intended effect. It still managed to potentially chill your speech. Someone who has gone through that will think twice about posting.”

The Brooklyn Nets

Oved’s skills have also been invaluable in multiple lawsuits against the Brooklyn Nets, and to that end, he has garnered much media attention. He represented clients who wanted to sue the Brooklyn Nets for violating their reselling policy. “The suit seeks to protect fans and free enterprise in the face of Nets policies that apparently do not appreciate either,” Oved said in a statement to the New York Post about the lawsuit. Oved was instrumental in winning that lawsuit, and there were even rumors that the Brooklyn Nets sought to hire Oved as their own lawyer following the incident.

Given Oved’s expertise in high-profile cases and his status as a celebrity attorney, Oved was also recognized for his remarks regarding a case involving Hulk Hogan, an American retired professional wrestler and media celebrity. In relation to Hogan, Oved was also quoted in a Forbes piece in 2016 criticizing the press, telling them to “think carefully before publishing something like this [about billionaire businessman Peter Theil].”

Oved was quoted in a separate Forbes article regarding a lawsuit brought against DraftKings by Northern Illinois football player Akeem Daniels for “exploiting the likenesses of college football and basketball players without compensation.” In a contentious remark, Oved stated, “Having college athletes compensated by fantasy sports leagues is problematic, especially given the NCAA’s Principle of Amateurism states that college athletes engaging in daily fantasy leagues violate NCAA laws and threaten their eligibility.”

Singer Kesha’s Case

Oved was also interviewed about Kesha’s trial with producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, which began when Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke for “infliction of emotional distress, gender-based hate crimes, and job discrimination.” Oved stated in the interview that Kesha faces an “uphill” battle, which sparked controversy from media pundits.

Lawsuit Against Uber

Oved was also frequently highlighted in connection with the several cases launched against Uber. In a Women’s Health Magazine article discussing the legal rights that individuals have when confronted

with illegal behavior in an Uber, Oved mentioned, “Risk [in Ubers] has become frighteningly more evident in light of the growing number of incidents we’ve seen around the country involving

gender-based crimes, such as kidnapping, rape, and sexual assault committed by Uber drivers against their female customers.”

He also stated that a recent decision permitting women to sue Uber for sexual assaults committed by business drivers represents a legal triumph for all those who have urged that Uber drivers should be subjected to adequate background checks, including fingerprinting.

In addition, Oved was quoted in Crain’s article about “Uber’s use of global intelligence firm Ergo to investigate plaintiff and plaintiff’s counsel in litigation.” Oved was also interviewed for a Verge story about whether Uber drivers should be considered full-time employees.

Unemployment Benefits

Oved was also interviewed about the legalities of the unemployment benefits distributed during the coronavirus outbreak. In a New York Post article, Oved forecasted correctly that “unemployment insurance rates will almost certainly rise.”


Aside from being one of the more sought-after litigation lawyers in the United States, Oved has been named a “Super Lawyer” by the SuperLawyer website for over 10 years in a row. Oved is also a member of the distinguished Roster of Neutral Mediators for the Business Division of the New York County Supreme Court, which handles complicated commercial issues with a minimum monetary threshold of $500,000. In 2017, Oved was also recognized as receiving one of the top 50 verdicts in New York for his representation of trademark holder 4 Pillar Dynasty LLC against New York & Co. Inc. Oved also serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Rabbinical College of America and as a Faculty Member of the Institute of American and Talmudic Law.

Given Oved’s tremendous successes as an attorney, it’s no wonder why Oved has been cited and quoted in dozens of articles. His vast knowledge on many different legal issues and his ability to win, attract talent, and bring in high profile clients has truly earned him the title as being “New York’s Best Litigator.”