Dark Wood Flooring: What Are The Benefits? 3 Reasons

Most of us prefer light, airy tones for out interior, looking at magnolia, white, light greys and duck egg blues. It’s therefore no surprise that a honey tones oak tends to be the best seller in the flooring world offering a warm and welcoming statement while also going with everything. But if you’re looking for going for something a little different, have you considered a darker wood floor? In this article, we’re going to explore with you some of dark wood floorings unique benefits…

Easier Maintenance

Practicality is always an important factor when it comes to looking for a new floor. We all need something easy to maintain and clean, and dark wood flooring gives you that above a lighter wood. Most of us could do with a little extra help with the housework, and luckily dark wood gives you that. The dark colour hides dirt and stains, giving you that bit longer to get round to sweeping or mopping up. Wood flooring already has a long life span, and the dark wood adds to that life span! 

Less Likely To Fade

When you’re splashing out on a new wood flooring, you will want to know that it’s not going to fade in sunlight straight away. And you have probably already guessed it: dark wood flooring is much less likely to fade than a lighter floor. It is worth considering how much natural light your flooring is exposed to however.

Brings Proportion To Large Spaces

If you’re lucky enough to worry about having a large space in your home that can feel too big sometimes, then the good news is that dark wood flooring can help with this. This is due to the fact that it absorbs more light, helping the room feel smaller without actually taking away from that space.