Dark Under Eye? Here’s What’s Causing It

We are beautiful the way we are, and this is an important notion that we must follow. However, it becomes futile when we tend to damage our natural features either knowingly or unknowingly. No wonder we go on complaining that the products we use for our skincare and haircare are not working properly. One such problem that is rising these days is under eye dark circle. Eye dark circle removal has become a tedious process, especially because of our lifestyle. Just using the Eye Dark Circle Removal from brands like Mamaearth may not be enough as you need to make major lifestyle changes as well. Let us take a look at the main reasons that lead to dark circles before we decide upon the best solution to this problem. 

Sleep Deprivation and Increase in Screen Time

Life is dependent on the digital side of things. This makes it difficult for us to stay away from staring at the screen. When we are working, we use our desktop or laptop. While we are active on social media, we use the smartphone and are glued to the screen. The same thing happens when we are watching an interesting movie or series on television. The increased screen time affects our eyes because of harmful rays emanating from the screen. This often leads to a lack of sleep and tiredness. When we are unable to sleep for a solid seven to eight hours, our eyes start protesting, and dark circles gradually appear. This can be resolved by making our sleeping habits better, reducing our screen time, and religiously applying the Eye Dark Circle Removal from Mamaearth before going to bed. 

Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking and drinking are two habits that can make dark circles appear under the eyes. Alcohol tends to dehydrate the skin. As the skin under our eyes is thinner, the blood vessels become dilated, and they start appearing more prominently. This is how dark circles are formed. As for smoking, tobacco contains carbon monoxide, which harms the skin by cutting off the good oxygen supply. This makes the blood vessels dilate even more under the eyes due to the lack of oxygenated hemoglobin. So, you should go ahead and buy the best dark circle removal cream in Dubai, UAE. Simultaneously, you need to improve your smoking and drinking habits for the sake of your health. 

Signs of Aging

As your skin starts to age, it becomes thinner and thinner. The collagen fibers start to break and disintegrate. The skin under the eyes becomes so thin that blood vessels start to appear more visible. This prominent appearance of blood vessels makes the under eyes look a little puffy initially. And, with time, this starts to look bluish, and that is how dark circles are formed due to aging. While aging cannot be reversed, dark circles can definitely be cured using the Eye Dark Circle Removal from Mamaearth. With this, you also need to eat healthily and exercise to improve blood circulation in your body. 

The reasons for the appearance of dark circles, as discussed, can be fought against, and you can get rid of them in a few weeks by following a good skincare regime. Make sure to use natural products like Under Eye Cream for eye dark circles removal by Mamaearth. Mamaearth is a toxin-free and natural brand that has amazing products. Their eye dark circle removal cream contains caffeine and cucumber to give your eyes a refreshed look. This Mamaearth product not only removes dark circle, but also fights puffiness and reduces eye bags. All these amazing things about Mamaearth eye dark circle removal cream makes it a must-have in every skincare regimen!