Dark Joseph Ravine Interviewed by Ticker News

Dark Joseph Ravine had his first TV interview on Ticker News in Melbourne, Australia. Ravine presented the idea that engaging in acts of kindness is a powerful force in life and in business. He talked about his dedication to helping and giving to others. Ravine is very passionate his kindness mission which he hopes to share worldwide. News reporter Brittany Coles asked Ravine a number of questions, such as why kindness matters in business and in personal life?

Coles thanked Ravine for asking how she is doing, as she believed that to be a trait of kindness. Then Coles asked Ravine how kindness can affect business relations as well as those of personal life. Ravine responded, “I think that kindness in business and in life is always important because it requires you to think about the future and to also think about what goes around, comes around, as well as to treat people the way you want to be treated.” Ravine expounds upon the idea that how one treats other people will affect the end results, which will reflect upon one’s future in business and in one’s personal life. Ravine uses his motto “Kindness for Success” as an example of why practicing kindness in business is important, as well.

Coles asked Ravine how he got started on his kindness mission and on being a social media influencer. He responded that he began his social media by doing giveaways to show his followers appreciation for their engagement. “It’s always important to always think of people around you because you never know what situation people are in and if you can make people’s lives better by giving or helping or doing anything, you know that’s a good deed, and I’ve always been passionate about that,” Ravine notes. He uses his giving nature to fuel his passion to make a positive change in the world.

Lastly, Coles asked Ravine about taking part in an upcoming reality TV and “going Hollywood”. Ravine responded, “I got a role in a reality movie and it’s very close to the story of my life. I play the role of a publicist. The main character wants to be famous and he’s getting belittled and put down a lot. He finds me and I make him famous, and I prove everybody wrong. I am excited about this movie because it helps me teach people to never let anyone bring them down and that anything they believe, they can achieve.”

Michael Caine

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