Darik Alexander On Entrepreneurship, Motivational Speaking & Investment

There are few people who can manage to wear multiple hats and do so successfully. However, doing so is definitely not impossible, as has been showcased by entrepreneur, forex investor, motivational speaker and CEO of two companies, Darik Alexander. Darik’s is a highly profitable entrepreneur and trainer, who has worked with some of the top entrepreneurs globally (the list includes the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, Darren Hardy, and Les Brown). Although they may seem highly successful, life has not always been kind to Darik, who has managed to rise up despite all odds.


Before he ushered himself into a life of a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Darik dabbled in working for a company. While at the University of Hawaii, Darik started working for a summer job, as a call centre employee for the University. Despite raising more money for the university than any other employee, Darik was given a minuscule raise, which taught him early on that working for someone else can never be as fulfilling as working for yourself. With this experience, he worked as a marketer and got tremendous success, until one day it all came crashing down. Entering a legal battle with the government, Darik was in one of the worst phases of life.


“I believed in myself despite my fear and it has proven to greatly change the way I live my life‚ÄĚ


Despite the setbacks, Darik has never stopped believing in himself and trying out new things. He quickly bounced back and with a few friends, started Market Hackers, a community and platform that uses AI insights to enable forex investors to make more informed decisions. The app is great for initial investors who have limited knowledge of the forex markets and need some guidance to ensure their risks are mitigated. Market Hackers has a mission to help leverage advanced products and workshops to help those who wish to do more and work to do what they love full-time. In less than 2 years, the community has grown to a group of 40,000 people and 12,000 paid members, redefining how the use of advanced trading technology and marketing systems can help people build their income online. With live events and retreats that combine masterclasses and workshops around business, investments and living a fulfilling life, Market Hackers has transformed and empowered many.


While the success of his business helped him find the right footing, Darik still had more to give back, and that’s when he decided to find his own as a motivational speaker. Inspiring others to find their purpose and meaning in life is definitely not an easy job, and requires tremendous enthusiasm, expertise and understanding of the audience to be able to give meaningful guidance. To do so, Darik believes in being a friend, philosopher and guide, helping those who have lost their way find new meaning in life. Darik understands that having the right focus in life doesn’t just make one an overnight success, but helps to improve productivity and find the right balance in life. This is the reason why organizations and entrepreneurs look forward to having motivational speakers like Darik to ignite the passion in their workforce and themselves.



Darik Alexander isn’t just someone who has achieved great success, he is also someone who has a goal to help others succeed in achieving their dreams. This belief drives him to do all that he does, managing multiple hats, each one with the sole objective of helping others. He counsels young graduates, working professionals and entrepreneurs find their own path in life. Using his companies, content, training programs and life experience, Darik has been able to help thousands bridge the gap between where they are currently and where they wish to reach. Reach out to him for a life-perspective, talking forex investment or to get a motivational and rousing speech at your business event!



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