Danny Warbuckz: The Music Exec, Film Producer and Finance Expert

Today we’ll be introducing a new business executive who’s making a lot of big power moves within each industry he participates in. His name is Samuel Hayslett, but he goes by the moniker, Danny Warbuckz. Warbuckz is a man of many talents when it comes to music management, fashion, film producing and finances.

Danny Warbuckz owns an entertainment firm called Music Files Inc., which is where new talent is discovered and then funding is dispersed to the artist for branding, marketing and development purposes, they’re even given a “Beyond The 360 Deal.” “It’s an agreement between Music Files and an artist. They come to me for a substantial amount of money to finance their projects. We negotiate 10 singles of choice where I own 50% of the publishing and masters – they walk away with a non-exclusive agreement and own 100% of the rights to all but 10 songs,” says the innovative investor. One example is when he discovered Trupopgod (also known as Mike Jay), and broke the record they released called “Heels”, which was spun all over the radio, and received millions of views and streams.

As of now, Danny Warbuckz is working on his film titled “The Black Experiment” and it’s definitely something worth giving a watch when it releases during 2023. It focuses on topics that’s regularly faced within the Black community, but can be related to all groups of people worldwide.

One thing Danny Warbuckz is extremely big on is his financial investments. Whether it be through crypto currency, stocks or even real estate, Warbuckz has made many successful investments in these fields. Danny Warbuckz has plans to soon run different courses where he teaches people the power of investing, the possible gains, what to invest in, and the benefits of financial freedom.

There’s so many different business ventures that Danny Warbuckz is currently getting involved in. There’s no telling what kind of ventures he will be making in the future. Make sure to follow Danny Warbuckz on all social media platforms @dannywarbuckz in order to stay up to date with all his future projects, informative courses, and content releases.






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