Dab Rigs – Three Advantages to Smoking Herbs With a Dab Rig Instead of a Press

Dab rigs are a revolutionary filtration apparatus employed to ingest concentrated liquids such as e liquid or dab. Dab rigs were invented by a drug addict who created them as a means of making large amounts of illegal marijuana available to his peers without detection. They work similarly to a bongs or vaporizer. Dab Rigs are extremely popular in the United States and around the world. Dab rigs were originally designed for smoking marijuana, but many people are now turning to dab rigs for ingesting other concentrated liquids such as e liquid.

Term dab rigs:

The term dab rig comes from the powdered substance contained within the concentrate, which is pressed into a long cylindrical tube with the glass stem inserted into a mouthpiece. The tube is then secured into the individual’s mouth using dental floss or other gripping devices. A new and more advanced version of dab rigs is called a glass dab rig.

These rigs differ from bongs in that they are specifically intended to be smoked from the mouth. They also look and work similar to a water pipe. The most commonly seen style of glass dab rigs is called a water pipe rig. The liquid to be inhaled is pushed up through a small hole in the glass, which leads to it being inhaled directly into the smoker’s lungs.

Dab rigs and bongs:

In spite of their names, dab rigs and bongs are not exactly the same. While both typically contain concentrates (and often, each different concentrate will contain different amounts of nicotine), they are not exactly the same. While the term bong is commonly associated with smoking from a bong, dab rigs can actually be taken with a liquid drink such as e-liquid or a water bottle. The liquid contained will dictate the amount of concentrated you can take.

Because of the nature of concentrated nicotine, dab rigs tend to be more expensive than their bongs. This is primarily because it is difficult to produce the concentrated concentrate needed for a successful dab. While it is not impossible, it is not easy either. Most of the concentrate comes from cotton, which is added to a mold. These molds are then given a few hours to heat up and are ready for the final stage of the manufacturing process.

Different ways:

With dab rigs, you have two different ways to take the dabs. You can use a press like the bongs do or you can take them in your mouth. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. Press style dabs rigs, because they are easier to use, usually have less expensive prices. However, this is offset by the fact that they lack in potency, which means they have to be used less often.

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If you want to smoke weed with as little fuss as possible, it is best to go with a ground herb kit instead of a press style dab rigs. The kits have all the equipment that is needed to smoke the herbs and come with a vaporizer, ground herb, glass jars, pipes and other things needed to grow and smoke the cannabis concentrates. In addition, many kits also include a book which teaches you how to smoke with as little fuss and mess as possible.


The last advantage of having a dab rigs is that it makes for a really great personal experience. You get to enjoy a high from a simple dabbing method, without having to worry about smoke emissions or fire. This makes dabbing one of the most relaxed and beneficial forms of smoking.

If you choose to try dabbing, make sure you select one of the kits that includes a vaporizer and a glass jar that you can use to store your dab. It is also nice to get some literature on what to do and what is the best way to do it so that you can start enjoying the different types of dabbing and get more comfortable using them in no time.

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