CV Shortlisting Software and Resume Management Solution Selection

Finding appropriate recruitment and resume management solution (RMS) that meets all the needs of a business enterprise can be an overwhelming task. It may be a real challenge for the selectors even knowing where to start when considering RMS and how to compare each solution. 

In this blog post, we’ll touch upon some important areas that the buyer-enterprise needs to probe, prepare a questionnaire to put forth, and gather responses to analyze during this solution assessment process. This post is aimed to propound a set of recommendations that can guide those firms in the search for the appropriate RMS to meet their needs.

Recognize and Formulate RMS Selection Committee:

The robust internal structure of an enterprise is a priority for any organization that wants to initiate an RMS evaluation process. So, in the run up to evaluating an RMS Software, it is imperative to form a collaboration of stakeholders and give the selection committee time to arrive at an educated decision. That selection committee must necessarily have the competence to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each RSM vendor. To form a proper selection committee or rather a research committee, companies may include their top managers, along with those professionals who are fully associated with the everyday tasks of the HR department of the enterprise.

Document Existing Recruitment and Resume Management Process:

Upon fabricating RMS Software selection or research committee, the next step is creating a document that can track the process of the employee requisition, short-listing of CVs, hiring procedure, the job of the recruiting managers, among others. Following that, that committee should discuss at length why all these steps are pertinent and what will happen in case any of them were winnowed out.

Make the entire hiring process simpler and smoother. Ensure each process can actually add value and help the company produce quality hires. This will allow the selection or research committee of the enterprise to point out the needs of the company’s hiring process and compare them with the competence of each CV shortlisting software solution. So, this assessment process by the committee is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the best practices in recruiting and to outline and optimize the existing recruitment process of the firm.

Identify Requirements:

Once the entire recruitment process of the company has been identified, the selection committee must try to identify the requirements of the company for the resume management tool. Be mindful, the managers of the company need to have a crystal clear answer to the following questions:

1) Why does the enterprise need to buy this RMS?

2) Is the present recruitment process in line with the objectives of the firm?

Keeping these pertinent questions in consideration will help put forward a solid case to purchase recruitment and QA manager resume software solution. In order that the RMS committee chooses, to have a strong connection to the return on investment (ROI), that committee should create a clear-cut outline of expectations of what the enterprise wants in the RMS.

The resume management solution has to be competent to form a stronger bond between recruiters and hiring managers. It will help simplify the requisition creation and approval process, asides from improving the quality of hires. This solution should be capable of making the recruitment efforts of the HR professionals increasingly efficient through automation. All the more, it should be a cost-effective recruitment process. This CV shortlisting software should address common HR challenges as follows:

  • Large volume of CV traffic getting no effective review and management
  • Large volume of job openings with the amiss communication process
  • Inability to access database swiftly and transmit reports on all recruitment metrics
  • Loss of qualified CVs owing to bad storage management
  • Duplication of hiring efforts and collision of the same between branches and divisions locally or overseas
  • Overblown IT expenditures
  • Inept tracking of compliance information

Nut Shell

No matter which RMS vendor is selected, the CV management solution should have a centralized version of all modules. Select the CV software solution that has minimum modules and can redress all global troubles. All in all, ensure that you have turfed out unqualified vendors to choose the best one for your enterprise. After all is said and done, choose web-based recruitment and resume management solutions only instead of an installed system.