Customer Service: How to Measure Quality Using Quantitative Analysis

As a business what are the utmost goals? Many newbie business owners will say, to attract customers. My logic is different.

If you have compelling services or products people will buy the product without any hesitation. For example, let’s discuss iPhone. Why do people buy it? The reason is simple, it is a product of quality. But why do people keep using iPhone once they bought it for the next generation? The answer is not so simple.

The reason people keep buying Apple products is that not only the product is good but also the after-sales service is better.

To reach the cliff of providing service you have to provide good customer service before buying and after-sale. You may already have a customer service department that deals with these things. But how to know if your customer service is well enough to meet the demand of the crowd? We will try to find a few ways by which you can measure it.

Quantitative Survey

The quantitative survey is a proven method of measuring customer service performance. People will reach customer service to know in detail for something. Your customer service department should be able to do that.

After providing the service, let your customer fill out a simple yet powerful form. The questions on the form will solely depend upon the business type. But try to get information that can be classified and converted into numbers. For example, if you ask-

“You reached our customer service. Did it resolve the issue you for you?”

The answer will be either, Yes or No. Give 100 marks if the answer is yes and zero for no. If your customers are happy with the service, you can display the result on your webpage as-

“90% of customers are saying they are happy with our customer service”

Moreover, through a survey, you can dig a little bit of customer satisfaction. Like if you ask-

“How many attempts were needed to resolve the issue?

Buyers or service seekers will respond 1,2,3 etc. Then by analyzing the data you can conclude, how to solve the issue more efficiently.

Data Analysis

Data are the key to any business. Your business is generating sales organically and people are visiting your store often. You should keep all the data to so that you know which methods are satisfying the customer.

For example, 10 people reached your business using Google. 7 of them contacted customer service before purchasing and 2 of them actually bought a product. This means you lose 5 customers out of 7. This is a concern and reveals the fact that your customer service is failing to motivate people to buy the service or product you are providing, thus needing improvement.

Having a satisfied customer is a lifetime asset. The best thing is that this customer will not only come back but also will bring more customers through recommendations. So, you should design a proper customer service that yields, and survey and data analysis can help you to know how to improve your existing customer service.