Custom Vending Machine with Elevator

Selling fragile goods is best suited to lifting vending machines. In addition to the original machine, any vending machine can be upgraded to include a desk for selling fragile products, such as red wine, snacks, and milk. Unlike other similar size machines of the same industry, this machine’s shell is designed to include the entire foaming process, has an optimized motor structure, and can store 360PCS of beverage for longer periods.

Custom vending machine design:

Our specialty is custom vending machines. We initially focused on-wall-mounted vending machines when we started our firm in 2009. However, vending machines have fallen behind in technological innovation, evident from our research. Therefore, we began building the vending machines using custom wall-mounted vending machines and the Internet of Things.

We build custom vending machines of all shapes and sizes now. The tallest custom vending machine we’ve ever made is 13ft. A 12′ x 10′ x 8′ box was the largest overall! Our experience from the design of precision compact wall-mounted vending machines can design any machine, regardless of its size. Starting small is sometimes the best approach.

You can make your custom vending machine stand out with a custom vinyl wrap or a unique cabinet design. Visitors will be unable to resist a customized vending machine that is uniquely designed. An attractive vending machine packed with smart features will appeal to tech-savvy millennials (18-35). You’ll leave the millennial with a better impression of your brand and more chances for further interaction by giving them something to interact with after leaving the vending machine (social media). The millennial generation loves sharing their new custom vending machine experiences.

There are four stages to a custom project:

  1. Apprehension, SOW, 3D modeling, and delivery
  2.  Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, and detailed 3D modeling
  3. UL or NSF certification assistance for multiple prototypes. Consult jurisdictional laws and import/export requirements before proceeding.
  4. Mass production, IP assistance

The rise in social distancing has led to consumers relying less on face-to-face interactions. Contactless payments enable customers to purchase safety products and personal protective equipment without standing in line at the checkout counter or interacting with cashiers. Using the plus vending machine, you can sell various safety products and medical supplies, including disinfectant wipes, latex gloves, medical masks, band-aids, hand sanitizer, and other PPE.


Vendors can offer products in various sizes and shapes on the vending machine with elevators, including small spray bottles, mini sanitizers, medical face masks, and sanitizing wipes. In addition, you can make the Plus stand out with a custom graphic wrap. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that some infectious diseases can be transmitted by objects and surfaces contaminated with bacteria. As a result, consumers increasingly choose contactless, cashless payments instead of contact payments, such as cash.

In conjunction with our cashless payment platform, Greenlite, features cashless payment so that consumers can make payments with their contactless cards. Payment can be made by credit cards, debit cards, or mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay with Greenlite. Mobile wallet platforms enable contactless payments using near-field communication (NFC). An NFC device, such as a Greenlite, allows consumers to complete their transactions with a simple phone tap. Greenlite enables consumers to make payments easily and safely. In addition to providing safety and PPE products, vending machines offer the opportunity to generate revenue for your business through the sale of sanitizers and disinfectant products.

Vending machines with elevators provide a barrier to potential vulnerabilities in addition to satisfying consumers’ demands for contactless transactions. With vending machines with elevators, you can provide your customers with the exact service they’re looking for.

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