Custom UTE Racks – Aluminum Or Steel?

UTE Racks play a major role in providing the best possible option to carry goods from one place to another without having to pay extra for any transport service. These racks can be installed on any pickup trucks or any truck you own. With Custom Ute racks, you can get it modified as per the size of your truck and your requirements as it depends upon the type of goods you want to transport. If you want the UTE rack can be customized as removable rack which gets locked in the sections made on the floor back of your truck and when not in use you can remove the rack.

The custom UTE racks are available in either aluminum or steel material and in this article we have tried to explain the about each for you to have a better understanding and make your decision based on what clicks with you.

  1. Price Of The Custom UTE Racks

When you buy a pre-fabricated UTE rack for your truck made in aluminum it cost relatively lesser as compared to custom ute rack made from aluminum. Aluminum is costlier than steel, so if you are on a tight budget you can opt for steel UTE rack pre-fabricated but you need to understand that pre designed UTE racks may or may not fit the back of your truck. Going for custom made racks in steel will be a cheaper option as compared to aluminum

  1. Weight Of The Custom UTE Racks

Between the two, aluminum as a material is very light in weight and steel weighs double the amount of aluminum which adds excess weight on the back of the truck and cause more fuel consumption, pressure on the tyres which can lead to early wear and tear and may also affect the suspension system of the truck. You can imagine the amount of weight your vehicle has to bear when you add goods in the steel ute rack. When you opt for custom UTE rack made from aluminum it will not put much pressure on your truck and the only weight you will feel is the weight of the goods.

  1. Corrosion Resistance Of Custom UTE Racks

Steel is more prone to rust and requires additional protection to save it from the elements of the weather. Whereas aluminum does not require extra care or maintenance as it is rust free and can survive any type of climatic condition. Even if you apply any protective layer on the steel UTE rack any scratches or bumps and dents will expose the steel rack and start to erode and loose its strength.

  1. Strength Of The Custom UTE Racks

When compared to aluminum steel is stronger than aluminum which makes it more durable. If you use your truck for transporting goods that are heavier, you can opt for steel ute rack. When you opt for custom made aluminum rack it does offer durability if you are into transporting goods that do not weight too much. You cannot carry equipment and tools related to construction in an aluminum UTE rack

  1. Space Of The Custom UTE Rack

Whether you opt for aluminum or steel custom ute rack, the space completely depends on your truck. They both provide optimum space to transport goods around easily and hassle free. Now a day a lot of truck manufacturing companies and dealerships are offering to fir the UTE rack as per your requirements, so if you are planning to buy a new truck you can opt for this facility and have design a spacious ute rack for you.


The above mentioned are some of the things that you need to keep in mind whenever you plan to buy a custom UTE rack for your truck. the budget also plays a very important role hence speak to various rack manufacturers and suppliers to find out what fits within your parameters and make sure you do not go overboard.