Custom Travel Neck Pillows

Full disclosure: I am gifted with the ability to fall asleep anywhere. At any time, with any light or noise conditions, and in any imaginable variety of train, plane, or car seat, I can fold my body into some semblance of comfort and be out for the count within minutes.

I don’t say this to brag; there are downsides. For one, my friends have lovingly captured multiple photos of me fast asleep in the passenger’s seat, drooling onto the seat belt that’s somehow strapped across my face. And while this hurts my pride, it’s the least of my worries when it comes to pain. Because although falling asleep is no problem, waking up at the end of the trip with a stiff neck, numb-ish lower back, or a delightful headache almost certainly will be.

Enter the wonderful world of travel pillows. There are endless shaped throw pillows products out there to provide the plushy reinforcements you need to sleep better while traveling and feel better once you’ve reached your destination. My go-to? The Vograce travel neck pillows — it’s compact, it’s versatile, and it helps you log those precious moments wherever you’re headed.

Design Notice:

  • Product name: U-shaped pillow
  • Material: crystal velvet + space memory foam or seven-hole cotton
  • Use environment: office / business trip / travel
  • Process: heat transfer printing

How Neck Pillows Are Made By Pillow Art

Travelling just got a lot cozier with this custom neck pillow. Printed with your unique designs, it’s the ultimate way to sleep in style. Made using soft suede vision fabric and plump padding in a classic U-shape, your personalized travel pillow supports your head so you can doze off comfortably on long journeys.

The ultimate accessory for any long journey, you can sleep in style and cozy comfort. Unlike plastic blow-up neck pillows, custom throw pillows are made using suede vision fabric, so it feels lovely against your skin, and the thick, comfortable padding gives you unlimited support without the worry it’s going to deflate – so you can say goodbye to stiff necks. If you’re going on a plane journey, our custom neck pillow can easily be packed away due to its porous nature, you can either store it in your hand luggage ready for taking off or wear it through the check-in gate. Design both the front and back with your photos and enjoy a fashionable flight or fun car journey.


The MOQ is 5 pieces. Like many of our products, the personalized travel pillow comes with a quantity discount, so when you buy 6 or more, the price per pillow is cheaper. This is perfect if you’re looking to design one for all your family members.

Make every day a comfortable day with your Customized Neck Pillow! Wrap your neck with these relaxing pillows or give them as gifts to your friends and family. Want one? Contact us at Vograce travel neck pillows.

Monthly discount is coming soon!

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