When we enter any supermarket, there are many products which will attract you just at a glance through their attractive box packaging design. Irrespective of your brand size and your industry one can easily create a strong impact and grow sales through effective custom retail packaging design.

The custom retail packaging boxes are visible and will not only protect your products throughout their journey but also communicate a brand story, build brand image, speaks about product USP with valuable information.

64% aof in-store consumers say they buy products off the shelf because of their packaging. They also say they don’t feel the need to further research the brand or product before buying it. So, well-designed custom retail packaging goes a long way in attracting new customers.

Let’s understand box package designing as per different industry:

1.Medical Box Packaging Design

Here the focus instead of making it glamorous it should be a human-centred design where every feature should medical box packaging design should cater to the safety and benefit of customers.

Pharma packaging box design must be able to communicate, first of all, features of the product inside clearly and simply hence generally characterized by a clean design with a white background, a synonym for purity and sterility.

The geometric and sharp-cornered lines on packaging design will give you a sense of rigour and precision: larger font styles, large line-spacing to guarantee the readability of all information. Information as per regulation should be mentioned, such as bar codes, dosage, storage, composition are few to name.

Colours for box packaging design used are green, white and blue as they represent trust, promise and honesty, which are mostly required in the medical industry.

2.Cosmetic Box Packaging Design

Depending upon the target audience, the cosmetic box packaging design should be crafted. To make it look beautiful and elegant is a mandatory aspect here so that it can fly off the shelves. If it’s for females, then colours used are pastels if it is for males then masculine shades are preferred.

Intricate drawings of fine lines and lots of detail are a timelessly beautiful trend for cosmetics packaging. Particularly floral and hand-made illustrations work well. Ingredients and its values are an essential feature which is placed at the front of the packaging.

Custom fonts, bold patterns, and floral are a few trends which are always appreciated if packaging design communicates it correctly. Minimalistic white base designs are still a symbol of luxury and premium.

3.Beverage Box Packaging Design

A high quality, the well-designed label can make that product as irresistible to the eyes as it is to the mouth. 

Make sure here you choose the correct style of packaging depending upon the shape of beverage and type of beverage.

Plan what your brand value proposition is: energy booster, zero fat, refreshment juices, nutritional depending upon the brand message or tagline are constructed. 

Keeping the bottle label design of your beverage simple and easy to read is critical if you are going to put a lot of information, make sure it is well placed. Keep the font style simple and to the point, but the detail on the side and the back.

4.Food Box Packaging Design

Whether it is a chip or ready to eat meals packaging design can’t be an unattractive mess, the wrong packaging makes food look less appetizing. Food package containers design come in a variety of materials which include corrugated boxes, cardboards, boxboard, paper box paperboard cartons, plastics and styrofoams are most common.

The food packaging design is the physical representation of a brand’s personality and one of its crucial identity tools. Brand message through tagline is also appreciated. Vibrant colours are used to stand out in a retail store; hence colours such as red, yellow, brown, orange are seen highly.

Plan food design choices in such a way that it enhances your customer’s experience and be a visual ambassador for your brand

5.Cigar/Cigarette Box Packaging Design

It is stated that smokers put their cigarettes in and out of their pockets 20 to 25 times a day. The package makes a statement. Here the consumer is expressing how he wants to be seen by others; hence he wants to create the best impression. 

The cigarette box packaging design is influenced by the personality of users, type of person the prime prospect wants to be: A “man’s man” who is macho and rugged, making him admired by men and irresistible to women. 

It can be an appealing lifestyle which he/she wants to portray; masculine or feminine attractive designs with a symbol of quality and class are few famous personalities on which packaging design is customized and crafted. 

A cream background colour has always been eye-grabbing, especially in contrast with an array of white packages—even yellow or beige tones, suggesting being a strong cigarette.

Vertical lines seemed to connote sleekness, length, compactness, versus masculinity, fatness, and thickness, which are connected with the horizontal style.


Custom packaging design plays a most crucial role in the success of any type of product as it attracts consumers most. The most creative and exotic packaging design will be bound to draw the maximum attraction. A product in attractive cover design on the social media page urges customers to give a try. It increases brand visibility, awareness and customer reach. 

Connect Designer People is a versatile creative agency that is imperative to consider all these factors while creating the design and make your product stand out.

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