Custom Pillow Boxes – the best option for your brand


Custom Pillow Boxes – Pillow shaped packaging boxes is a style statement for your product. Pillow shaped packaging boxes add beauty and elegance to your product and your brand. These types of boxes are exactly shaped like pillow boxes and have an opening on the right and left side which allows you to slip in your product. It is very easy to assemble and handle and provide a perfect fit for products. Pillow shaped packaging boxes can be used for products like soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, gifts, etc.

Product differentiation:

The brand is something that distinguishes your product from that of your competitors. To make branding more effective, your product needs to look more attractive to lure more customers and packaging plays a vital role in achieving this goal. Custom pillow boxes naturally differentiate your product from that of competitors thus giving you a competitive edge and increasing revenue. Custom boxes wholesale are unique and they leave an extraordinary and positive effect of brand on the minds of customers.

Beauty and attractiveness:

The products with pillow-shaped packaging boxes are normally placed on the front of the shelf where customers can see them because of their beauty and attractiveness. Thus pillow-shaped packaging boxes have the potential to generate lead and increase your sales.

Pillow shaped packaging boxes are used by high-end brands. These are also used for packing gift items. Due to their beauty and elegancy, it conveys a very positive impact on the person to who gift is given.

Major usages:

The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest consumers of Pillow shaped packaging boxes although pillow-shaped packaging boxes are also very popular in food, Medicine industry like any other retail business but the Cosmetic industry loves pillow-shaped packaging boxes. They use pillow-shaped packaging boxes for their most demanding products such as lipstick, eye shadows, mascara, etc. If we talk about food items, pillow-shaped packaging boxes are used to pack and distribute candies, lollipops, fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, etc. Moreover, if you coat the inner layer of pillow-shaped packaging boxes with aluminum; it maintains the freshness of food items packed in it that is why a lot of restaurants use pillow-shaped packaging boxes. Medicine is packed in hanging pillow boxes for beauty, safety, and convince.

Customization and choice of material: 

The customer has the option to choose the material for custom pillow boxes. The choice of materials to be used in pillow-shaped packaging boxes must include the consideration regarding the strength of materials. It also depends upon the business and the product. Pillow shaped packaging boxes can be made from Kraft or cardboard material both of which are strong and durable. The main objective is that the customer receives your product in one piece without any damage and so the Kraft or cardboard pillow shape packaging boxes achieves this objective completely.  

Custom Pillow boxes do not need to be wrapped when giving a gift because they are already beautiful in design. But if you still feel the need to wrap it then you can use a ribbon at most.