Custom Glass Bottles: Every Thing You Need to Know

Custom glass bottles are a very exclusive type of water bottle with a series of unique characteristics that will make your promotional campaigns very effective. These custom glass bottles are the clear substitute for the classic and traditional advertising plastic bottles that we can find at any event or fair. Its glass material allows personalized glass water bottles to be the most exclusive and with the highest quality on the entire market. 

Use personalized glass bottles as an original company gift 

Do you want to give a corporate gift to your employees or your clients?

The custom glass water bottles  from China glass bottle manufacturer can be the perfect gift to thank them for their loyalty to your company. It is the ideal way to motivate your employees and establish a better relationship with your customers. 

Advantages of buying personalized glass water bottles 

Personalized glass bottles can be the gift to maintain the loyalty of your customers and employees.  It is increasingly appreciated to give away useful things that serve us on a day-to-day basis. What better than a personalized glass water bottle with your company logo? Among the main advantages of buying our personalized glass water bottles we can highlight the following. 

A long-term investment in your customers and employees 

A personalized glass bottle is an investment that will help your company increase your profitability to the extent that  you improve your business relationships with your customers and thank your employees for their work. 

Quality: without plastic or products that are harmful to your health 

The  personalized glass water bottles that we have for sale in our online catalog are of incredible quality. They are made with durable materials and  free of BPA or bisphenol.  

This is usually a chemical agent that is harmful to our health, because it increases the risk of suffering from certain oncological diseases. 

Variety of designs and products 

We have  different models of personalized glass water bottles  so that you can choose the ones that best suit the personality of your brand. This is important to create that feeling of unity on the part of your company’s workers and to present yourself as a solid brand with personality in front of your customers. 

We have many more personalized products for you 

We make personalized prints of your glass water bottles so that you can put the distinctive brand of your company or business on them. We know that a corporate gift can make the difference between the present and the future of your company. 

Make your purchases online: the most comfortable way to buy! 

When you buy our personalized glass bottles, you will have the ease of being able to do it in a totally safe and reliable way through our website. We provide you with the ability to view our online catalogs and access virtual samples of our custom products to see what the end result will be before you place your formal orders.  

In addition, you also have the possibility of buying samples of our personalized glass bottles by individual units before placing a bulk order.

Benefits of Custom Glass Bottles

Backed by a great industry

The glass industry is prepared to meet the challenges and needs of a market such as food and beverages, which is constantly evolving and demands innovative solutions.

Research and Development Centers, supported by new technologies, are dedicated exclusively to the evolution of glass containers to meet the demands of brands and consumers.

Environmentally friendly

It starts from raw materials abundant in nature, instead of scarce fossil resources. 100% recyclable, a container with which any sensibility concerned about the planet can be identified.

Protects the qualities of your content

Hygienic and odorless, it does not interfere with its content, it takes care of the health of those who consume glass products and guarantees the organoleptic properties of the food.

It is impermeable to gases, vapors and liquids, which guarantees the conservation and vitamins of the food even in prolonged storage.

Customizable to any brand or product

Mouldable, with versatility of shapes and colours, each container can have its own personality, providing innovation and differentiation through colour, shape and decoration.

  • Screen printing or direct printing on the bottle gives a sharp and refined appearance. The quality and durability of the decoration give the product a clear brand identity.
  • Labeling is a clear support for transmitting information about the product. Simple or complex, small or large, straight or curved, the label design possibilities are vast, facilitating product recognition on the shelf.

Adaptable to product needs

  • It is chemically inert towards liquids and food products, so it does not pose compatibility problems.
  • Possibility of using anti-uv glass that prevents ultraviolet radiation from harming the product.
  • It is rigid and resistant to internal pressures as well as high temperatures.
  • The glass container has a wide variety of closures that adapt to all needs, such as crown, screw, pilferproof, cork, eurocap, pry-off, twist off, press-twist, etc.

Suitable for any product

The glass container is present in all sectors, in some of them exclusively. They can be found from the simplest products to the most elaborate; from the most innocuous, to those of a complex composition; from liquids without gas, to drinks with high internal pressure, such as cavas and soft drinks; from those used daily, to those intended for great occasions.

An ideal showcase to highlight food

  • It is transparent, allows food to be appreciated and facilitates the purchase decision, providing added value to the product it contains, as it is visually attractive and conveys a good image.
  • The personalized design reinforces your brand image and positioning, increasing your attractiveness on the shelves.

Facilitates and favors the consumer experience

  • Compatible with the microwave, simplifying kitchen tasks and saving time.
  • It transmits a good image and prestige, it can be presented directly on the table.
  • It allows to take advantage of all the product, it does not deform leaving remains in the container.
  • Products packaged in glass evoke a healthy and natural diet.

Packaging preferred by consumers

  • The qualities of glass have contributed to this container being perceived as the one that comes closest to the ideal.
  • The main qualities required by Europeans are, in order of importance:
  • Preserves the product for a long period of time and without affecting its taste and smell
  • clean and hygienic
  • Let see the content
  • comfortable to carry
  • Easy and safe to drive
  • Gives a good presentation to the product
  • Similar conclusions have been drawn from studies carried out in the United States, where consumers highlight that food and beverages packaged in glass are cleaner/hygienic, fresher, purer, with a more real flavor, true and reflect positive values.