Custom Camera Aluminum Flight Cases

We get some feedback and know the need and necessity to protect expensive camera device when travelling, our team designed flight cases for keeping your camera equipment safe and secure.

Our Camera flight cases are with strong butterfly catches on the front with loop for padlocks hold the lid closed, Recessed dish handle on the front, hinges on the rear hold the lid at just over 90 degrees, Ball corner and Foam lined throughout with a bespoke routed insert, the foam can be customized any shapes for different model camera. The aluminum camera cases are sturdy, robust and reliable case that will do a proper job of protecting your camera kit.Ideal for video camera, digital camera, lenses, optical instruments, flashlights and weapons.Shock proof metal frame and outer cover.

Our camera hard cases  are perfect for protecting cameras and other delicate audio and visual equipment, ensuring that there is no compromise made to their quality. Any camera lens case is manufactured with your needs in mind, so you can rest assured that they will fit your valuable items in perfectly. In terms of transportation, the camera flight case is one of the easiest cases that we provide. Photographers looking to transport equipment to events and venues will benefit from our camera hard case or camera lens case because it will make sure that equipment remains in one piece and doesn’t become damaged or destroyed.

The custom camera aluminum cases are designed to be tough and rugged, providing you with a protective solution that allows you to prevent your camera from becoming damaged. Any camera hard case will be manufactured by our team of in-house designers who have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise over time. Please visit our website or send inquiry to us if any interests in custom aluminum case, aluminum toolbox , briefcase etc.,