Curved or flat computer display: Which one is better

We should always use and recommend the use of external monitors to colleagues and friends who usually use laptop computers to work, which will definitely improve office efficiency and user experience. The external display can extend the work desktop and enhance the visual experience

As this is the era of modern technology and we generally use laptops with 13 to 15 inches for office or entertainment, the desktop area is limited. If you use an external monitor with 21 to 27 inches, it will undoubtedly expand the desktop range. The expansion of the field of vision has a better visual experience for us to handle the work content. The external display has a larger display range, and large tables are processed faster

Many employees often deal with large-scale excel spreadsheets due to the limited display range on the screen. In the face of multi-column data processing tasks, dragging the mouse back and forth is really troublesome and inefficient. If the company plans to equip its employees with laptop computers or with external computer monitor  in the planning of office equipment, this problem can be effectively alleviated and the office experience and efficiency of employees can be improved. The cost of hardware investment is still worthwhile.

External display can choose which display mode

Windows 10 using laptops currently supports four extended display modes, computer single display, dual-screen copy display, extended display, and single external display. Personally recommend the extended display mode, which is equivalent to the laptop screen and external display screen It is a logical splicing relationship, you can drag and drop the dialog window to move on the two screens. Many colleagues feel that this mode is not very suitable for them, so I suggest that they use a single external display or dual-screen copy display, which is more simple and convenient.

Which video cable does the external monitor choose to connect to the computer?

If the computer and monitor interface conditions permit, personally recommend the HDMI video cable connection, aside from the technical parameters, from the user’s point of view, first HDMI to VGA video resolution format supports higher performance and less damage to eye vision, Secondly, the transmission performance of HDMI is better, and it is better than VGA on large screen or long distance.

Of course, if the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that you can consider equipping the laptop with a docking station (port replicator) to connect all peripherals to the docking station. When you need to move your office, disconnect the docking station directly to get the notebook quickly.

Is the display effect good?

The display may be good or bad, depending on several factors, including your graphics card performance, TV performance, and your purpose of using the TV. On a 15.6-inch laptop display, a resolution of 1080p already looks good. But on a 32-inch TV, the display effect of 1080P may be far worse. When viewed at the same distance, laptop displays with higher pixel density are clearer, sharper, and more detailed.

This is why the pixel density of the iPhone’s “retina” display is 326ppi, while the pixel density of the MacBook Pro’s “retina” display only needs to be 227ppi.

The brightness of the display may blind your eyes

Compared with the monitor, the brightness of the TV is too high. The brightness of the current mainstream monitor is 200-300cd / m2. By adjusting the brightness, the optimal brightness range of 120-150cd / m2 can be achieved, and the general brightness of the TV will reach 400-700cd / m2, it hurts the eyes very much when used at close range, and it is “bright blind” without any politeness! And the TVs at home are currently more than 40 inches. Using such a large TV for office and games at close range, the effect can be imagined.

The professionalism of the display is reflected in its detailed classification for different groups of people, the design of graphics displays; e-sports displays. The functions of these displays are irreplaceable by TVs. After all, TVs have always been more Preference for family entertainment.

Final words

There are different types of computer monitor products available in the market with different specifications. We should choose the best one according to our needs and requirements to avoid any kind of inconvenience.