Current Trends in Cloud Computing

The evolving technology is changing our ways of living and enhancing efficiency in communication. Cloud computing is one of the technology trends that are gaining popularity internationally. The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to shaping our lifestyles in numerous ways, such as communication, work, and other forms of interaction. Efforts to contain the virus, which have emphasized social distancing and working from home, have led to the increased popularity of live streaming, video conferencing, and other virtual platforms. This has been witnessed as people strive to adapt to the new normal. The increased rate of digital platforms’ use after the Coronavirus outbreak has significantly led to the growth of cloud computing technology. Let’s examine some of the hottest trends that are dominating cloud computing technology at the moment.


Edge Computing is Growing Steadily


The growth of cloud computing technology has facilitated the emergence of edge computing. Data is stored over the internet through edge computing, eliminating the need to have a computer or server to store information. Edge computing is expected to dominate the technology space in the next few years.


Edge computing is synchronized with other technological advancements such as the internet of things to enhance devices’ connectivity.


The Emergence of Serverless Computing


Cloud service providers have simplified software developers’ work since they provide on-demand resources such as servers, data storage, and numerous applications. Therefore, software developers and other information technology experts can focus on software development without the need to update servers and other resources. Serverless computing is a cost-effective and efficient service that saves time and effort in developing applications and other software.


The use of Virtual Cloud Desktop is Increasing


As the fight against the global pandemic continues, virtual cloud desktop is gaining popularity each day. Virtual cloud computing facilitates the use of desktops that access data from the internet. Using a cloud desktop is advantageous because it helps save the costs that would otherwise have been used in desktop hardware updates. Moreover, with a virtual cloud desktop, it is possible to work from anywhere. With the growth in cloud computing technologies, many organizations have shifted to virtual cloud desktop usage since it’s efficient, cost-effective, and flexible.


The Cloud Gaming Platform is Fast Rising


With the growth of cloud computing technology in the recent past, cloud gaming has become one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of gaming.


Cloud gaming platform allows gamers to have access to unlimited games over the internet. The cloud gaming platform also is convenient since the players can enjoy their favorite games anywhere provided they are connected to the internet. The Internet of Things has also enhanced device connectivity, making the games available for streaming on many devices.


The Rise in Artificial Intelligence Usage


Through cloud computing, companies and many other workplaces appreciate the importance of artificial intelligence in developing systems. Machine learning technology and artificial intelligence are spearheading the creation of robots. Robotic technology is enhancing the delivery of work and increasing efficiency. As technology continues to evolve, we expect that artificial intelligence will be used to automate payment systems in workplaces, among other smart dealings.


The Hybrid Cloud Computing Trend


The emergence of hybrid cloud computing is significantly transforming how businesses are run and managed. This hybrid cloud computing initiative is essential since it promotes flexibility and saves on costs. Organizations and companies can successfully run complex data in both public and private working environments.


The future of business depends on technology. Companies should strive to keep up with changes in technology to increase their efficiency and reduce wastage. Cloud computing technology is a game-changer that will enhance business operations and keep data safe and secure online. A business that uses cloud computing in 2021 will reap big in the long run.