Current Lithium Battery Tech for Solar Panels

More people are turning to solar energy and living “off the grid” to save money and cut dependency on large electric companies. If you are thinking of turning to solar energy, you may be wondering how solar panels work. How do solar panels store energy? What are the options for storing energy?

How Solar Panels Store Energy

Currently, solar panels work by absorbing energy from the sun and storing it in large lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batters are used because they are also semiconductors. This means the energy can sometimes flow easily through the battery and sometimes it does not. With lithium-ion batteries, you can control the conductivity because the battery can store energy that is released through specific chemical reactions.

Why Lithium

Solar panel manufacturers use lithium because it is lightweight, rechargeable, have a large storage ability and longer storage life. You will also find that lithium batteries are growing less costly as more electric vehicles are being used.

Lithium batteries also help you reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of fossil fuels you and your family use to power your lives.

Solar panels are connected to a lithium battery go store the energy the panels collect. Most solar panels do not come with a built-in lithium battery. In fact, a large majority of solar panel installations are for panels without a built-in battery because they usually aren’t made to include one because most homes aren’t designed for the battery pack. That is where the engineers at Sable Solar are leading the field in innovation. Coming in the Fall of 2022, you will be able to buy the world’s only all-in-one solar smart panel. Your solar panel will include an integrated energy storage system. By buying from Sable Solar Panel Partners, LLC, you will be getting a fully integrated system that is innovative, effective and cost efficient.

How Sable Solar Panels Work

  1. Each panel reduces the number of components needed for your solar panel system. Each panel also has its own unique electronic ID, is Wi-Fi and 5G accessible, and circuit grounded.
  2. Sable Solar panels are 50% cheaper than current utility costs in California and significantly less expensive than competitor panels that need a separate battery pack.
  3. Meeting FCC, CE and CSA safety certifications, Sable Solar panels are also an ultra-safe all-in-one rooftop system.
  4. Smart panel intelligence includes features such as AI smart chip intelligence to check weather schedules and adjust accordingly. They also automatically switch over in power outages so you will never be left in the dark.

Switching to solar panels will save you time, money and headaches. The engineers at Sable Solar Panel Partners, LLC have worked to supply an innovative, effective all-in-one system giving you more options for powering your home. For more information, check Sable Solar Panel Partners at and learn more about making the switch.