Culture Sports and Entertainment Represents Superstar Athletes of Tomorrow

Andrew (Ace) Thomas and Chris Gaston joined forces to create a unique and personalized experience for athletes navigating the sports and entertainment world. The two co-founders have inspiring sports backgrounds that lead them to where they are today. 

Ace entered the industry and thrived when independently managing athletes and fusing his knowledge and passion for sports, problem-solving, and interpersonal relationships. “I was good at it, and I could see myself in the field going forward,” he states. After a stint at BDA, he segued into a President of Basketball Operations position at Impact Sports, where he continued to hone his client development skill set. Thomas then oversaw the operations and strategies of Sports 99, handling day-to-day affairs, company development, business planning, and management of company projects and relations.  

With his distinct viewpoint, wide network, and in-depth knowledge of the business, Thomas has an innate ability to assist clients and brands in realizing their vision. He has a strong portfolio working with names and artists like Pink Dolphin, Ask Tabs Wellness, and Young Jeezy.  

Gaston built his career on player development. He was a marketing associate for the Houston Rockets, ran several successful NBA Pro days, managed and trained several NBA players, worked for a major NBA Sports Agency, and formed Family First Sports Firm in 2019. 

Taking that experience, Gaston then went on to negotiate the largest contract in Sacramento Kings franchise history – five years for $163 million – for De’Aaron Fox. Gaston continued to prove his worth as an agent by securing a contract for Cleveland Cavaliers player Damyean Dotson in the toughest free agent market in NBA history. He also opened the women’s division of his agency, signing the #1 female player in the 2023 class, Mikaylah Williams, and McDonald’s All-American Ashlon Jackson (Duke). Gaston then went on to negotiate the largest NIL deal (seven figures) in college basketball for former client Keyonte George.  

Culture Sports and Entertainment has also hired respected basketball minds Edric Dennis and Donny Beacham. 

A native of Dallas, Texas, and a DeSoto High School alum, Edric Dennis graduated from University of Texas in Arlington. He is currently pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts at TCU, where he eclipsed 1,000 Division I points vs Iowa State. Edric and Blue Collar U went on to win the $1 million TBT competition in 2022. He now works alongside Donny Beacham as Director of Client Services for Culture Sports and Entertainment. 

Beacham earned his Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelors of Information Systems degree. He is currently in the process of doctoral degree in urban planning and public policies. Donny was selected by the Tulsa 66ers of the NBA D-League after playing professionally in France, Estonia, and Mexico. He has been a player manager and consultant since 2013 and is presently Culture Sports and Entertainment’s Director of Player Operations.  

“Donny and Edric are truly dedicated to assisting athletes in realizing their maximum potential,” says Gaston. 

“Culture Sports and Entertainment was created to combine the best parts of a boutique agency with the best parts of a large agency,” states Thomas. To accomplish this, Culture Sports and Entertainment takes an unorthodox approach to representation.  

“We get to know the player first and foremost,” states Thomas. “Not just who they are as a player but as a family member, celebrity, hobbyist, and human being.” The company enjoys doing this the most and it’s the reason they are very selective about who they represent. “When we take on a player, we go all-in,” says Thomas. By this he means that they create a family-like atmosphere around the player, with constant attention to their needs. “We have a conversation where we get to know what their goals are in every aspect of their life,” says Thomas. “Because, as managers of athletes, we are not only representing them in their sport but the elements that factor into it – such as their personal life, hobbies, routines, likes and dislikes, and struggles and successes alike.”  

“Another reason we do this is because part of our management style is to take their hobbies and passions and channel that into their personal brand,” says Gaston. Culture Sports and Entertainment holds that it truly does matter who each client is at their core when creating a portfolio and brand that will represent them publicly. 

“Once we do understand the direction they want to go, it’s our job to help them do so,” holds Thomas. The company does this by offering up its collection of big-business resources and elite contract negotiation skills, which they have thirty years of experience in. “When we sign a player we fight for them and invest in them all the way because we believe in them,” says Gaston. “This goes for contract negotiation, brand building, access to our large pool of personal and business relationships, moral support, and the rest of our expertise and resources.”  

Culture Sports and Entertainment is here to provide players with anything they need to be successful in their personal and professional lives.